Mother's Day Poetry Contest 2017

Below are the entries submitted so far for the Mother's Day Poetry Contest! You can still participate! Deadline is Saturday, 23:59 PM FST! More info can be found on our Community Blog. Winners will be announced in the afternoon on Mother's Day!

Once she had told me,
"Hard times bear the toughest fruit"
Mother knew this best

By Featherkiss

I never knew you, but I felt you
Guiding me along a golden road.
A comforting, smiling specter,
With wisdom, grace, and beauty,
My guardian angel, my protector.

Father would tell me about you,
how your eyes were blue as sapphires,
your smile a flawless ivory glow.
How within him you ignited a fire,
a flame that your child might never know.

I always in my mind had an image of you,
holding and cradling me in your arms.
Fighting off the monsters and creatures
as you would always keep me from harm,
and give me knowledge as my ultimate teacher.

But alas, I know that God took you,
to a place where you can watch me change.
When I get to heaven way up there,
I can't wait for the words we exchange,
and the embrace to put my heart in repair.

I never met you, but I know you,
because you are a mother who loves her son.
You don't need to hold my hand,
because I know you will watch me run,
to a future you know that heaven has planned.

By Lucifuge




By Toshin

A mother's love,
So sweet and pure.
Though put through many trials,
It will always endure.

A mother's love,
So strong and great.
Though a child may not show it,
This they will always appreciate.

A mother's love,
So warm and glowing.
Whether a firm hand or soft smile,
her love is always showing.

A mother's love,
So true and grand.
She will always be there,
To help us stand.

A mother's love,
Sometimes hard to show...
But as I stand, with my own children hand in hand,
A mother's love is all I know...
And thank you mommy, for loving me so.

by Sassie J

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