Check out all the amazing entries for the Pumpkin Patch Carving and Spooky Spells contest for Wolf Howl 2020!

Pumpkin Patch Carving Entries

Thrifty Geek


Zack the Great


Spooky Spells Entries

Furnarchy Devil

Furlings of the season toil,

Bringing their spooky brew to a boil,

Wolven to werewolf in a rush,

Trout and bones we crush.

Naga skin and Dragonscales,

In they go to a separate pail!

Kitsune tear, A bit of beer;

Wings sprout and fur curls,

Throw a kitterkin into the whirl.

Vulpine, Lapine,

Harvest the snails and clean their trails,

Hope that this doesn’t fail!

Kitterdust in the air,

And a noble’s precious hair!

All of this when done right,

Will be a potion to cause a fright!

Cosmic Star Bar

With rose of black sweet and mellow,

With golden horn kissed by night,

With vinca flower turned yellow,

With last feather of phoenix light,

I'll mix my words with Gar's great cookie might,

With this I grant you a cookie fight!

Kay Katt

Place scale of mighty Dracosaur,
Into a fire, burning long.
Then dance and chant and stomp and roar!

And you will feel as 10 furres strong.

Or take a feral Raukor feather,
Crush it in an upturned fist,
Tie it ‘round your neck with leather,

Like the wind, you will be swift.

And yet there is a different magic,
More powerful than spells of yore.
And that this world has lost it, tragic!

This power should be used much more.

For friendship is the greatest power,
The love we share with everyone.
Above your obstacles, you’ll tower,

Your friends will help you get it done.


2020 is almost done!

Why must we end all the fun?

There's still chances, there's still time!

Maybe furc will be a crime!

We could still invent a new tax!

Or at least a viral game with an axe.

What does the next year hold in store?

Year not found. Error 404.

Fading Memories

Come the yearly Wolfhowl celebrations,

a cauldron is brewing with foul machinations

A scheme to wake the Dragon's slumber,

plotted by darkest Thirteen in number

Deepest dirt of the earliest Dreaming,

wrought by Telcodar's claws so gleaming

Wings sheared from a Bugge's back,

by Drossifer's scissors rusted and black

Length of chain bloodied and red,

shackles from Peristane's slave now dead

Bottled despair of a mother too blessed,

Suffrith's gift of a brood excessed

Nightmares festered in a mind left broken,

claimed by Taglinn and never awoken

Stolen memento of a fallen friend,

Lokira's cruelty bringing comforts to end

Cracked crown from a once-King's head,

Chatengo's treachery leaving usurpers in stead

Wail of a widow nevermore to weep,

guided by Nareetha to reunite with a leap

Wedding goblet of poisoned wine,

Erigon seeing two becoming one become none in time

Quill that made war with deceitful strokes,

Dyarra ending legions with but a hoax

Cut rope from a bridge fallen at a moment precise,

a family made fractured from Greydark's slice

Bones that flavored stew for those in need,

as Mirmoggin claims victims all shall feed

The spell itself a prophecy from Tallus,

torn apart by the Primes in their palace

The Thirteen's vengeance at last is here,
the Dragon awakes and all disappear

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