The entries for the Beach Bash Dream Contest are in! Participants were required to create a fun Animal Crossing inspired Tropical Island Dream to explore and party on, and the results are fantastic! Each Dream is loaded in the Rameen Festival until Wolf Howl comes along, so be sure to check them out!

    • Dreams that encourage player interaction will receive extra points.
    • Masters and Regular categories will be judged separately.


User Name: Esmi
Title: Esmi's Fun Beach
: I have created a small Barbie-like inspired beach dream that includes a small city with hangout spots for all to enjoy, The beach includes a fun Merry go round, icecream stand for delicious desserts, a volleyball beach game, surf boards to ride the waves and beach chairs to relax and sunbathe! Beach is South West, Find the city North East where there are cute little apartments that overlook the ocean! Enjoy

Team: Muse & King's Club
Title: Camp KiwiKiwi
Group Members: Intellectual Music, El Furriando, Red Skittles, Timaeus
Description: What’s that sound!? The volcano is shaking! The kiwis! Something has happened to them! A Dark Tiki God has been released and vows to take over all of Summer and rule in darkness! Use your skills that you have learned at Summer Camp KiwiKiwi to survive and find a way to defeat them!

User Name: milkbone
Title: Cool Island
Description: Escape the present and travel back to experience old Allegria Island re-imagined in neon color, Cool Island! Once you've arrived, you can chill by the waves on a warm summer night, eat some snacks, or talk to Villagers and follow the quests, but careful! Your decisions will decide how the story ends. Play through to the end to get fun rewards and unlock secret areas! While you're at it, you can complete smaller side quests and try out the multiplayer-mini games scattered across the island.


Team: Deathdog
Title: Beach Party
Description: Deathdog is holding a Beach Party on their Island, there are puzzles, rides and games to play. Check out our Icecream stand or take a ride on the teacups. If you've done it all you can also relax on the beach or chat at the fire-pit with your friends. See you at the party!

User Name: Terra Wolf
Title: Saurian Isle
Description: You've arrived on Sauria Island by Quetzel-back - the capital of the Saurian Island chain. This mysterious string of islands is home to the Saurians - scaly creatures not unlike the Furre-folk of mainland Furcadia. Here they coexist peacefully with Ferrian dinosaurs - and mysterious magic and spirits unknown to furrekind. Today is the day of the Volcano Festival - the one time of year that the island is open to visitors. Can you meet the volcano spirit and become an honorary citizen of the Saurian Isle?


User Name: Gherkin
Title: Happy Froggy Island -
: In the nook of a lush, coastal meadow lies a pocket of peace in the middle of a small pond, "HAPPY FROGGY ISLAND": Where the pond water catches light like facets of diamonds, and froggies skip across lily pads in the blink of an eye to catch yummy buggies. Recently discovered by explorer froggies, you have been invited to settle on the island. Come join us for a swim! Ribbit!

User Name: Furnarchy Devil
Title: Beach Resort

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