The entries for the Fun in the Sun Summer Dream contest are in! Participants were required to create a Dream featuring a fun Summer game to play, and the results are fantastic! Each Dream will be loaded in the Rameen Festival until Wolf Howl comes along, so be sure to check them out!

    • Dreams that encourage player interaction will receive extra points.
    • Masters and Regular categories will be judged separately.


Team: Feyra & Ten Zen
Title: Cookie Town
Description: The cute and quirky Cookie Town is having its baking festival! Come on down and play our three different minigames! Help the denizens of Cookie Town with their problems so they can enjoy the festival! Learn real(?) cookie facts! Uncover the history of the town! All this and more awaits in Cookie Town!

Team: Iced & Rosina
Title: A Midsummer Night's Wedding
Description: A Midsummer Night's Wedding is the 2018 Summer Dream contest entry by Iced and Rosina. The dream boasts a self-service wedding ceremony in a lake-front backyard with a reception at the local country club. Achievements are on the last tab, there are 10 in total. Use the invitation near the portrait to teleport to different areas on the map.

Team: Muse & King's Club
Title: Camp KiwiKiwi
Group Members: Intellectual Music, El Furriando, Red Skittles, Timaeus
Description: What’s that sound!? The volcano is shaking! The kiwis! Something has happened to them! A Dark Tiki God has been released and vows to take over all of Summer and rule in darkness! Use your skills that you have learned at Summer Camp KiwiKiwi to survive and find a way to defeat them!


User Name: Esmi
Title: Esmi's Fun Beach
: I have created a small Barbie-like inspired beach dream that includes a small city with hangout spots for all to enjoy, The beach includes a fun Merry go round, icecream stand for delicious desserts, a volleyball beach game, surf boards to ride the waves and beach chairs to relax and sunbathe! Beach is South West, Find the city North East where there are cute little apartments that overlook the ocean! Enjoy

User Name: milkbone
Title: Cool Island
Description: Escape the present and travel back to experience old Allegria Island re-imagined in neon color, Cool Island! Once you've arrived, you can chill by the waves on a warm summer night, eat some snacks, or talk to Villagers and follow the quests, but careful! Your decisions will decide how the story ends. Play through to the end to get fun rewards and unlock secret areas! While you're at it, you can complete smaller side quests and try out the multiplayer-mini games scattered across the island.

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