Wow! There are some very talented storytellers and bards in Furcadia, and we have the entries to prove it! Thank you to everyone who took part in the Heroes Among Us! storytelling contest.

Be sure to take the time to sit down with a hot drink -- preferably around a smokey campfire or under a blanket on a rainy day -- and go on an adventure with these wonderful talespinners. Epic battles, feats of strength, daring rescues, and plenty of charm have been woven into these masterful pieces. We're sure you'll enjoy them as much as we did!

Story by Ailannah

Story by Amriela

Story by Autumn

Story by Lucas White

The Lone Woods by Fluffie

The Silver Bell by Valyin

Bustfang And The Revel by Barynsk Tarnysk

Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow by Happastance

Story by Tan Loc

Story by Sarnith

The Hero Vulpines are almost ready to join us and the kindling date will be announced soon, so be sure to grab your preorder (with its exclusive FOR LIFE desctag!) while you still can!

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