Jujinka's Spring Festival

It's spring and Prime Jujinka has roused all the sleeping plants with her kitterdust magic. Now Kasuria is filled with color.. Lots of color! The Great Fae Tree is ready for you to open its doors and join all the festivities of spring.

  • Play a fun game with all your friends and hunt down easter eggs to earn a prize!
  • Help Misty Fae with the kitter house community build and see a magnificent tree house come to life!
  • Dance around the maypoles with your friends, with successively harder patterns to learn together!
  • Challenge yourself to figure out the pillar and cave quests!
  • Earn access to the special 32bit patch by finishing the quests!

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Spring Festival, via Furcadia's TumblrSpring Festival, via Furcadia's tumblr

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