Take advantage of some Sweet Sweetheart Deals on popular Digos!

It's that time again! Our annual Sweetheart Ball will take place within a special dream loaded in the Winter Festival, on the northwestern side of The Vinca, complete with various player-sponsored parties throughout all of Furcadia's main maps!

Grab your sweetie, a friend, or treat yourself to a fun outing in the gorgeous Sweetheart Castle, a beautiful landscape with all kinds of fun things to do including a swoonboat ride, bouncy castles, dance floor, and an absolutely stunning Community Build which tells the story of two lovely furres getting ready for their wedding! There seems to be a spiteful villain out to spoil the event however, so everyone will need to lend a paw to make sure the ceremony goes off without a hitch!

In addition to the main Valentine's Ball, we will be holding a Singles Night and Friendship night! (Maybe you can find a sweetie for the Ball)! View times and other event info on the Community Blog.

How do I throw my own party?

All of our Dream Packages, along with groups of friends out there, are encouraged to hold your own party on Valentine's Day! There's no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your friends and loved ones then to have it within your own decorated Dream with a few quests or games for your visitors to take part in. If you're looking for some inexpensive door prizes or just a present or two for a close friend, our various Valentine's themed desctags make the perfect gift for anyone during the month of February!

News Announcement

We encourage all parties involved to send in a news announcement - you never know who will drop on by!

  • Parties are announced over the News Channel (type =news to turn your News Channel on/off) throughout the day.
  • The Fun channel lists Community events throughout the Sweetheart Ball period. (type =fun to turn your Fun Channel on/off) throughout the day.
  • Fun channel events will be announced over the News channel before they begin and appear on the Community Calendar.
  • Parties catered to an M16+ crowd will be announced on the Spice Channel. The Spice Channel is only broadcast in M16+ rated dreams and higher. (type =spice to turn your Spice Channel on/off)

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