Welcome wanderer, and thank you deeply for your interest in our community! Within this lore-rich, strictly Rp community you will find yourself immersed in the settlement Town of Alyria. Set within the vibrant and expansive verse of Dracia, an upcoming Book/Video Game series created by Zenith (Levinth). It offers not only a setting to Rp in, but the chance for your character to become a part of the community and drive both it's story, while determining how it shapes, grows, and develops through your character's actions and contributions.

Welcome to the Town of Alyria!

Built by an indie RPG developer, you can enjoy lots of interesting features and aspects within Alyria that have been implemented to make it feel as much like an immersive, story driven RPG experience as possible within the framework that Furcadia provides. Driven by the voices of it's community, and tinkered with according to it's feedback and suggestions. The dream is as much a community OOC as it is IC.

Current Dream Features

  • The Town Center district. The beating heart and current hive for all activity within the town, it offers quite a number of Rp areas despite it's small size. Easily navigated, one has easy access to the Airship dock, Crystal Caverns, town hall, inn & tavern, public library, clinic, jails, field research lab, the lake, fishing docks, and the old growth forest.
  • Jobs system. By registering your character within the Town Archives, your able to choose a profession within the Dream and collaborate with other residents to add your characters contributions to the community and it's story. From participating in DM plots, or just exploring this unknown and untamed region of the world. Your character will be able to work on improving things for everyone, and adding more to the Rp and continuity through your actions and contributions. With a head-canon friendly management team, all it takes is tossing a potential idea at them to have it potentially implemented into the dream.
  • Rp Friendly Slave Trade. Our unique take on the slave trade takes you away from the standard establishments, cages, and rental dependent Rp systems of other dreams. Here your slave character is a free walking sub-citizen of the town, and able to approach anyone for Rp at anytime without having to worry about being rented or not. Their able to hold a job, and work towards their freedom through contributing to the community and earning merit through their actions. They even have their own unique currency! Click here for more info on Alyrian Slavery.
  • An interactive unexplored environment. The region of Alyria is as much the main character of the story as the town itself, and holds just as many secrets within it's uncharted depths as it does dangers. From nightly attacks that test the town's perimeter walls, to a plethora of plants and animals that seem to defy both the laws of biology and physics. Warped by the unstable 'manai' or magic within the region, it rewards those who wish to brave the landscape beyond the safety of the walls. But their actions may also come with their own consequences.
  • Guilds System. Just like many MMORPG's out there, Alyria offers the ability for members who have been granted citizenship status to found guilds and factions of their own. These organizations, driven by their own ideals and agendas are banded together to tackle goals, and other tasks as a group. By earning merit and reputation within the town as well be it positive or negative, they are able to increase their standing and open more rp opportunities for their organizations.
  • Immersive Travel. Say goodbye to getting aimlessly lost within the main maps of furcadia as you try and find the right portal to other dream communities. Right from our airship dock you'll be able to converse with our guards for instant access and teleportation Via furc links to our Dream/port partners. From them also, you'll be able to fetch a ride straight back to Alyria.
  • Adventure Style DM events. Able to be undertaken as a group, or even just solo. One of our Dm's will be happy to bring the world of Alyria to life for your adventuring or exploring needs. By simply getting in touch with staff and setting up when, you will be able to unfold more of the dream story and hopefully get some goodies and coin for your hard work.
  • Currency System. Our Players can assign themselves to a wage within the dream, and get paid for each day they log into the dream. In addition they are able to earn currency rewards, be fined for crimes, spend it to pay NPC's or pay other characters for goods and services icly.
  • Day/Night Transition. With the coming of dawn and dusk, the town will lighten or be plunged into darkness at sunrise and sunset each day. Changing the overall lighting and feel of the dream to reflect the time of day or night. Tread carefully in the twilight shadows, my friend.
  • Fully scripted NPC's. Our NPC's boast full dialogue and conversation strings for our players enjoyment of them. Discover the various personalities and mannerisms of Alyria's non-playable citizens.

If you would like to know more about us, please feel free to visit our Website or whisper Levinth or Valen Urselmert In game!

Presently, the dream is currently in Closed Beta!

This means that the dream is available to those who sign up.

Want to support us further? Consider becoming a patreon for access to behind the scenes WIP's, developer chat channels to make sure your input on the dreams development is heart, and other exclusive goodies. This helps us fund things like our custom patches, custom ports, local species, and other community suggestions and requests.

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Dracia, Alyria, and related content is (C) 2012-2019 Lex Baugh (Levinth) and NinthAgeCreations. All rights Reserved.

Dream Update logs


  • Our dream package has been purchased and we now have this lovely group page! In addition our Dream is now publicly uploaded within the Furrabian Nights map of Furcadia.

  • The dream has received it's first major content patch, introducing both our currency system and our Day/night lighting and transition system.
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