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The Harvest Moon is a new RP dream located in FurN. We're currently hiring for many positions, and are always looking forward to meeting new people. Drop by and say hi! Full time IC is not a requirement yet, we've more been social as we meet people and get started. I'll post here when we become fully IC. :)

The story behind the founding of The Harvest Moon :

Haven DeLuca was born into a world of privilege. The Red Tiger Clan, ruled by her mother, operated apart from the human world. As a pure blood tiger - one who was 'royal' - Haven was home schooled and pampered, bred to reflect the beauty, strength and will of the Queen. Years later though, as she came into her power, it was soon painfully obvious that the girl would wreak havoc on the unmated males of her clan. She was what they called a Little Queen - one who was powerful enough to split the clan into two, paving the way for her to rule.
Often when this comes to pass, the Queen would put an end to the 'problem', keeping her clan whole. Fortunately for Haven though, the mother loved her daughter, and so she gave her another option. "Leave." She said, "Find somewhere far from here - another land, somewhere too far for the clan to hear your Call." Wasting no time the girl left, first searching and then wandering with no real purpose, until years later she came upon what she hadn't realized she'd been looking for : an abandoned manor with more grounds than she would ever have a need for.
With a sense of purpose that she hadn't felt in quite some time, she set about restoring what was now her home, the empty rooms almost begging for a personal touch and many voices to fill them. Recently, more often than not, Haven finds herself waiting with the doors open wide, ready to welcome the others that find their way 'home'.

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