Holiday Treats

Love holiday treats? We have some for you!

This year we're having an 8 week outpouring of meowsome sales! Every avatar will go on sale (up to 70% off!) There will be different ones every week, so watch for your favorites!

As our gift to you, collect exclusive Holiday Treat desctags (For Life!) each week!

A secret treat!

All 8 Holiday Treats are fun, but there's one that's even more special! Only the biggest treat lovers will lay their paws on it, though!

A secret 9th Holiday Treat is given out the last week of January 2017, so in order to receive it, you must have collected all 8 Holiday Treats on the same character before the end of January! Like the other 8, the secret 9th Holiday Treat is exclusive and FOR LIFE!

Too long, would rather nom: Collect all 8 Holiday Treats by the end of January, get a very rare 9th Holiday Treat as a bonus!

Get your Holiday Treat

Week 1 Peppermint Swirl
Week 2 Candied Orange
Week 3 Ribbon Candy
Week 4 Star Cookie
Week 5 Tree Cookie
Week 6 Yule Log
Week 7 Trifle
Week 8 Hot Cocoa
Bonus Treat! ???

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