Group Packages

Group Packages are a fantastic way to jump-start your group and get many special features for your pages, members, and Dream! All Groups get their own customizable webpage that they can use to entice new members to join. All of the Package Groups get an in-game chat channel to keep in touch, custom desctags for all members, as well as many special Dream perks! We offer five levels of subscription based package deals that you can purchase through Digo Market, or you can choose to start out as free Registered Group. Listed below are each of the groups, what makes them special, and links to get a complete list of features. We are always adding new features to Packages at no extra cost. Some features are marked as 'coming soon'.

Pounce Group Package

The Pounce Group Package is meant to work for groups of friends! Get your own webpage to tell about your hangout spots and list all of your friends. Have a chat channel to keep in touch from anywhere in Furcadia or use it as a broadcast channel to run your own 'channel station'. You can even give out your own custom desctags to all the members of your Group! Since this package is all about social groupings, it does not include Dream features. This is a Group everyone will want to have!

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Hearth Group Package

The Hearth Group Package is all about your home Dream! Get all of the social perks of the Pounce Package plus extra Dream features. Keep track of your friends and 'family', and provide them with a place to hang out! You get extra local species, more Dream space, more DragonSpeak lines, and a red portal to let people know your Dream is special! Get this package and make your Dream a home!

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Dream Group Package

This is the same Dream Package that we've had for years with many new features at no extra cost. You now get your own searchable web page with member management, custom desctags to give out to all your members, channel features to keep in touch, and even free advertising for your group! You still get even more Local Species, extra Dream space, more DS, and best of all, a saved Dream upload spot! This is the base package for you if you want to run an enterprise, club, sim, or game Dream!

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Realm Group Package

The Realm is the deluxe version of the Dream Package! With this one you simply get more of everything - a lot more! Have a look at the details and see: there is more Dream space, Locals, Group levels, DS, PS, more page options, more group level options, a fancier upload portal, and even 1,000 Group member slots! You can have an amazingly huge Dream with lots of Group members! There is a whole realm of possibilities with this package!

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World Group Package

There's a World of possibilities with this package! This is the best package available with 60 local species, a 450x450 size map, 20,000 lines of DS, a staggering 3,000 possible members, 6 group member levels each with their own custom badge, chat and broadcast channels, and all the options on the Group page! In addition to all of that, we will soon be implementing custom upload portals to really make your dream stand out! Coming soon as well will be the ability to load two normal sized dreams inside your main dream that share the same PS database and allow the same number of locals! This is like having a whole game world for you and your Group!

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