Cool 1

"Except for what the game world does
not permit, I control my character
almost completely."

This level of Cool keeps the
suspense, violence, and tragedy limited
to what you might see in a Saturday
morning adventure cartoon.

The Philosophy of Cool 1

At this level of Cool, the dominant philosophy is that this is just a game, and that having fun is more important than being true to the character's fictitious personality. Cool 1 players may be expected to Retcon more freely than higher levels of Cool in order to preserve the Continuity:


Retcon is short for RETroactive CONtinuity. Sometimes a player makes a mistake, for instance posing that they polish their sword when the sword was dropped elsewhere earlier. The polite thing to do is for the player to make a quick OOC announcement that the previous action didn't occur, and for other players to go on. (Acknowledge the retcon with PRIVATE pages please.)

You can only Retcon something that just happened. You can only Retcon your OWN actions. The purpose of a Retcon is not to explore a tree of possibilities relying on different decisions or let a player make up for an action that results in something they don't like. The purpose of a Retcon is to repair damaged continuity as quickly and smoothly as possible. Retcons can't be used to take back an action with a dice roll involved. Whether you succeed, fail or fumble, that action has already taken place in the game's continuity.

Character Sheets

You don't need an official character sheet, but at this level, you agree not to invent IC locations without permission from the one who owns the Continuity. (For now, it's on the honor system, unless your Guild is keeping records for you.) You're still expected to be familiar with what exists in the world (see The Dragonlands)

OOC Explanations

At Cool1, you can ask OOCly for explanations of IC events that relate to *your* character. Examples:

"Why does your character want to attack mine?"

"Does your character secretly intend to backstab me?"

Questions like "Are you a Vampfurre?" are not allowed.


At Cool1, Combat is decided by OOC Paging.

At Cool 1, you can NOT die during an IC scene. Your character can only die offscreen and after the curtain has gone down. Possible results of a fight include being Injured, Unconscious, and Captured.

You can not be Injured/Captured/Unconscious, etc. without your OOC consent. When you are somehow defeated in combat, your character spends time away from public areas for at least 4 RL days days. This keeps fights from being pointless although nobody died.


Captives may not be injured, or otherwise abused. There's just no question here: A captive can be restrained and they can be moved to a new location but they can not be injured or otherwise abused. This is an OOC rule and you are expected to find an IC reason why this is so. If you can't, don't take somebody captive.

After 7 RL days, the Captive can choose to escape captivity without RPing an escape attempt. It is just assumed that the escape attempt was successful. To preserve Continuity, the Captor and Captive must OOCly come up with the escape scenario together.

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