Cool 2

"I exist in the Continuity. I have partial
control of my character."

This is the level of adventure you can
expect from a prime-time TV show or a PG movie.


Cool2 requires some kind of established background world. For the default Dragonlands information, see the Dragonlands Pages, and see Furre! rules to make a Dragonlands character. This system is detailed, and you can use the APPENDIX links to print out character sheets.

(Currently, RP is on the honor system and you should get with a Chartered RP Guild if you want anything more official at the moment. Expect to see this system implemented with code some time in the future, though! :)

OOC Explanations

OOC questions as could be asked in PersonaPlay and Cool1 are no longer legal at this level or above. Do not /whisper questions such as the following: "Why does your character want to attack mine?" and "Does your character secretly intend to backstab me?" "Are you a Vampfurre?"
If you need to know because you are using an ability/power on somebody else, first pose your action (if it's visible). This is called committing to the action: Under Cool2, you don't get the luxury of changing your mind about doing something when you find out it won't work.

For some actions, you'll still need to /whisper another Furre so that you'll know what to pose. Here's an example:
/martinshaw (I am making a Greeting Rattle; only a vampfurre can hear it; does your furre respond in kind?)
Kurry looks around the room silently...
MartinShaw's hackles rise but then he smiles charmingly.
(MartinShaw /whispers to Kurry, "Yes, I'm a vamp; I hiss back...")
Kurry says, "Hmmm..."

*** OOCly MartinShaw's player would now know that Kurry was a Vampfurre, even if MartinShaw was playing a mortal. The previous example will be greatly improved when such actions have been coded, --but for now, you are trusted to keep OOC information secret.


Cool2 introduces the concept of alignments. Furres are Lightside, Neutral, or Darkside by nature. You choose this when you create the character. (It costs alot of experience points to change it.)

Not only do Furres have alignments but places do, too. It's the nature of the Furcadia universe that beautiful locations help lightside people to fight, while frightening and ugly places make it harder. Conversely, the bad guys (darkside characters) do better in the scary areas, and do less well in the colorful cheery happy and well-populated areas. The OOC owner of a Dream sets its Alignment, on a scale from -3 to +3. (Mycroft's, for example, is +3, while Harshlaw is -1.) (See the Furre! rules if you want more details on this.)

Combat Under Cool2

Combat is decided by using the Furre! combat rules. You may NOT opt to avoid combat-- even if you did nothing to provoke the other Furre. You can be hurt and, if rendered unconscious, captured, without your OOC consent. Under Cool2, you can only be killed with your OOC consent.

There are three possible levels of injury: Injured, Heavily Injured, and Near Death. (The fourth status you can be, of course, is Uninjured.) To prevent conflicts that don't result in death from being meaningless to the rest of the Continuity, healing time is measured in real time. If your Furre appears on a public RP map then they aren't in a safe place resting and they don't heal.

At Cool2, both combatants roll d20, applying modifiers for the location's Alignment. The highest roller is Winner and the lowest is Defeated. Then Furres pose the combat results for the benefit of others and each others.

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