Pounce Group Package

The Pounce Group Package is meant to work for groups of friends! Get your own webpage to tell about your hangout spots and list all of your friends. Have a chat channel to keep in touch from anywhere in Furcadia or use it as a broadcast channel to run your own 'channel station'. You can even give out your own custom desctags to all the members of your Group! Since this package is all about social groupings, it does not include Dream features. This is a Group everyone will want to have!

Group is mostly for Trily Alts and friends.
☆ A group for chilling/chatting/relaxing and just general hanging out.
What do we want? CUDDLES! When do we want them? ALWAYS!
When Spark failed to maintain and keep her "The Taka Fan Club" group alive.. Spark asked Taka, to make a new one, and keep it going. Now Takashi Kurohi, is running his own fan group, and calling it the Temple of Taka. So why not join? Become a hot nun? A sexy priestess? Worship his [@$%!#] with your mouth. Serve his dick with spit and plenty of lip service.
Old group died, remade into a Pounce Group instead of a Registered Group.The Church of Chu was founded in The Kinky Kitty when regular gifts of chocolate were made to the club's owner.Eventually, these sweets became more and more like a sacrificial offering in order to have a blessed stay, or to appease her anger. Soon, these offerings caught on, and many more began to search for the Raichu's good favor. So, as Spark De'Sota's best friend, and once lover, the dragon known as Takashi Kurohi began and started the Church of Chu, founder of an organization that he hopes…
For those who love Olde Town, those furres who think it's the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas, here is the place for you! This group is open to the public!
This is a new group page. Nothing has been written about this group yet.
A place for friends of Riggs! :D
This is a new group page. Nothing has been written about this group yet.
Movie Enthusiast Association of Furcadia (MEAF) - Love movies? Love talking about them? Watching them with friends? If you're enthusiastic about cinema and want to find others with the same passion, this is the group for you! With synchronized online movie watching and general cinema chatter, we strive to bring the love of the big, small and obscure screen to the Furcadian Community
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