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The Realm is the deluxe version of the Dream Package! With this one you simply get more of everything - a lot more! Have a look at the details and see: there is more Dream space, Locals, Group levels, DS, PS, more page options, more group level options, a fancier upload portal, and even 1,000 Group member slots! You can have an amazingly huge Dream with lots of Group members! There is a whole realm of possibilities with this package!

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Greetings! The Veil is a Medievil RP dream with elements of the Mystical and Spiritual. The Dreams setting is on an island in-between dimensions.
Pantherinae is a group that was founded on the subfamily within the cat family Felidae: Tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards, and snow leopards. Any variation of these large cats are accepted (i.e. Ligers, tigons, leopons, etc). If your big cat has wings, horns, or even a dragon tail- great! As a bonus, any character that isn't of the large cat variety (yes, this includes cats and cat-like creatures) are welcome as well. Tiger is the Rah of this group and had decided that no one should be left out. Wolves, bears, bats, hybrids, etc. are all welcome! (((Click the ABOUT tab…
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This is a new group page. Nothing has been written about this group yet.
It's 2040 and today ain't nothin' like the Jetsons promised. Following the devastating effects of plague on our population, planet and perceptions, those left in the aftermath of man's chaos are picking through straws for the resources to endure. With the great divider of difference cutting the fibers from bonds yet forged, all are tested in this race to reclaim what was once taken for granted. But with Mother Nature's newest tricks and treats on hand, it takes a steady mind & a steadfast spirit to survive. So the question to ask is: where do you fit in? For more…
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Furcadian Championship Wrestling is an Action RP Wrestling dream, located in Furrabian Nights.
Nestled upon the very grounds of a beautifully atmospheric, spacious, and rapidly expanding dog park, The Dog Shelter is full to the brim with unique accommodations for canine, miscellaneous critters, and Owners alike. With our Clinic, commercial loft, on-site adoptions, agility/splash pens, private boarding kennels and more, TDAC is a home away from home.
Aritanel, the continent where the few remaining pholezia thrive alongside numerous mythical beasts. Long ago these are the only beings they intteracted with, with the exception being their dear friends the elves. Now with so few pholezia remaining their homeland is also home to humans, elves and dwarves as well. A land with a past of calamity and violence born of giant monstrosities resembling a spider crossed with a dragon, such creatures preying on smaller creatures as well as creatures to match their own size, dragons. A much smaller creature known as the 'Praxalif' is also responsible for past attacks…
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