By Amriela

Amriela lifted her nose to catch the sights and sounds of the city opening up before her. Perched on a peak just lingering over the expansive city of lust and demonic energy she was ready to bring a cleansing blade down onto those that would seek to harm others for simple favor in their names. She charged towards the gates with her sword sheathed and her stance upright and imposing. She waved to the gatekeeper and walked into the city of sin. She had information that a crime lord had his grip at the throat of this city and she was keen on slicing through the hand and loosening its grip so the citizens could breathe once more.

A haze of murky red hung low in the air between buildings and sprawling into alleys where dark deeds took place. She came to a roaring club full of furres enjoying the nightlife of the bustling city. Wearing impressive white and gold armor at all times, she stood out in the darkness with a white tail two times too big. She came to the head of the crime syndicate hell-bent on squeezing every penny from the poor inhabitants. She unsheathed her magnificent white sword, a two-handed behemoth she could wield in a single hand.

"Lay down your resistance and submit to the holy light Master Lynch!" She called out to him once she got into a back room where he festered. The fearsome vulpine hero raised her blade defensively when they too opened up with weapons. She danced among them, using her too long tail to wrap around their middles and bring them within striking distance. She cut down his minions with expert skill. She finally came to the throat of the crime boss. He was a hefty monster of girth and proportion.

The potent pig offered a squeal once he felt the blade press to his flesh with his minions having fallen away becoming victims of Armeila's righteous blade. He, however, had a trick up his sleeve. While she held him at her mercy, he unsheathed a dagger and stuck it in between the plates of her armor. Blood poured from her wound and she faulted in her stance against him. "You may be a holy warrior, but you bleed like any other stuck pig." He laughed at her as she fell to one knee. She reached for the dagger's hilt and yanked it out. She tossed it to the side, letting it stick in a wall out of reach. She lowered her eyes and pretended to be more hurt than she was when she slashed her blade as hit knees, cutting him down effectively.

She rose above the crime lord, having triumphed in the face of great pain and messy trials. "No longer shall you darken the alleys of this fair city." She said. She flicked her sword to clean it of the blood she was forced to spill. "Vow to change your ways or fall to my blad Master Lynch." she growled at him.

"I was wrong, please forgive me." He groveled with his wounds open and bleeding. Amriela was a noble fox and she made and effort to patch up his wounds once he offered his pledge to change. She carried bandages with her at all times, and she applied a cooling slave to numb pain and prevent infection. She walked back through the room patching up those she had cut down. They all thanked her in meek voices and they seemed to ebb away from her seeping into the shadows from whence they came.

Amriela was triumphant and she made her way through the club to cheers from onlookers. She raised her sword in triumph and a wave of cheers lifted with the blade. No longer would the quake in fear of Master Lynch and his thugs. She smiled, tired but happy to bring others towards the light.

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