It is our goal to make the Furcadia message boards an enjoyable, informative and fun place for all members and players of Furcadia. To achieve this, it is important to have a few basic rules that apply to everyone. The idea is not to restrict you or to spoil your fun, but to ensure that everyone has a good time.

Important Notice:

Your forum account and your Furcadia account are linked. In order to create a posting account, you need to create the account from within Furcadia (click here for more information). In other words, you aren't anonymous, and it means that massive or repeated violation of the Furcadia rules in the game may affect your forum posting privileges as well, and vice versa.

Forum Guidelines

Stay On Topic
The Furcadia Community Forums are constantly growing, and more furres come to this place to ask questions, discuss matters, seek information or meet other furres that they had not yet a chance to encounter in Furcadia. We've created a number of different forum areas (sections) that are for a certain topic or range of topics. Making sure that you post your message to the appropriate section/board makes it much easier to find relevant information. Before you post a new message, please look at the available areas and read the descriptions carefully. We reserve the right to lock, move or delete threads that have been placed in the wrong section.
Choose Appropriate Subjects
When you post a message, please make an attempt to come up with a relevant subject line. For instance, Guild Event on 11/24 in the Cat's Lair is much better than EVERYONE READ THIS !!. Using appropriate subject lines helps everyone to read messages that contain information that they are interested in.
Don't Bump Threads
A bad habit often seen on message boards is that people post messages with irrelevant content to existing threads for the sole purpose of refreshing threads so that the discussion appears current or is being kept near the top of the list of recent topics. This causes other posts to scroll off faster, and is widely considered an annoyance. The so-called bumping also triggers other forum users to constantly refresh their own threads as well, and sooner than later, the quality of the forum would suffer. For this reason, bumping is not welcome and may result in threads to be locked. Multiple responses to a thread are welcome, as long as they contribute constructively to the topic at hand.
Refrain From Spamming
Please do not spam our forums. Spamming means that the same message is posted multiple times. This also includes cross posting (posting the same message to several sections) and repeatedly posting identical messages in different threads. Spamming is not permitted and dupes of messages will be deleted. Constant spamming will result in temporary or permanent removal of the posting privileges.
Don't Use Profanity
Abusive language and profanity are not permitted on our message boards. This includes abbreviations. We also do not allow obscenity, personal attacks or any other form of abusive language. Using asterisks or other symbols to dodge the filter does not bypass this policy. Such message will be deleted, and warnings are issued if a furre violates this rule repeatedly. In short, the same language rules that are in effect on public Furcadia maps apply to our forum as well.
Don't Use Slurs
Sexual, racial and religious slurs may result in the immediate account suspension, either temporary or permanently. Both your forum and your game account would be affected by this action.
Mind PG-13
The forums also have the PG-13 rule in common with Furcadia. Language and topics need to be PG-13 and suitable for the appropriate audience. R-rated or adult content is not permitted on our message boards and will be deleted. This includes links to sites with adult content.
Be Constructive and Civil
Furcadia is an international community. Many people with different backgrounds, values, ethics and beliefs participate. The same applies to the audience of our forum. You'll encounter furres that have opinions that you totally disagree with, and topics that are controversial. You are entitled to your opinion, and so is everyfurre. We ask, however, that every forum participant respects the views of other furres. Agree to disagree, discuss and argue constructively -- do not resort to name-calling or slanderous accusations. Let your arguments speak for themselves without taking it to a personal level. Flames are discouraged, personal attacks and insults are a violation of the forum guidelines. Attack a Furre's statement, do not attack the furre herself.
Don't Post Personal Log Files
Log files from any such conversation, be it personal or professional, are not to be posted on these forums without prior consent from all parties involved. This includes log files from Furcadia, but is not limited to emails, private messages, instant messages, ICQs, or any other message program available.
Additional Policies
All policies that apply to the Furcadia service apply to these forums as well, even if they are not listed separately in this document. We also assume common sense and basic manners that are found in every society or community.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to post questions, comments, or ideas to the appropriate message sections.

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