The Curse of T'Graal

A heavy, unnatural mist descends upon the gathered masses from the line of the trees, even rising out of the earth itself. It surrounds the furres present until neither can clearly see each other from barely a few feet apart.

A vile, roiling chorus of laughter rises eerily from every direction, echoing among the crowd and often sounding as though it might be right beside their ears. Two pinpoints of bright-red light appear in the dark, the silhouette of something bipedal, covered in quills and feathers, steps into view atop a nearby rock.

Maltese Pup turns, but it's too dark to see anything but a silhouette. It starts to whine. Ameena al-Sinai Pins her ears down hearing the wind rustle in her headscarf.

Tarquin Lightfoot: this ol wolf won't let no fairy tale, true or not, scare him. Tarquin sat away frm the group, back to them as he made sure his M1 Garand was loaded. Pointing the muzzle toward no one in particular. His ears twitched as he heard the laughter. Keep on guard, he thought. He kept an eye out, hoping that the creature won't catch them from behind, he wasn't going to risk shooting through the crowd.

Warren Westocean stands upon the rock, stuck somewhere between being a hawk and a hedgehog. A moment later he sneezes and he's fully hawk-ified! He warbles curiously as he fluffles a little and keeps an eye out from his above-the-crowd perch. Leftpaw inhales deeply, catching scents to make sense of.

Ameena al-Sinai: "I can hear something evil whispering in the trees." The Canine furre spoke in a soft yet worried tone as she gazes at the colorful trees dancing in the wind.

One of the figure's crude hands thrusts upward, held out in a claw-like gesture whilst the other raised a twisted staff. "Like wee babes, lost in the mist and waiting for a helping hand to guide you.." the shrouded figure rasped, whispers following every syllable. "Well I am here to show you the way.. The way to enlightenment." The ominous nature of his tone betrayed the genuity of his words.

A furre tries to flee into the mist. He doesn't get far before a dark, bird-like shadow darts across his path and drags him screaming off into the trees.

The Maltese pup tried to push through the furres, wanting to no longer be on the outside of the group. Then, it heard the voice. It stopped cold, it's eyes staring helplessly.

Emo Nostalgia: The phoenix thought to oneself, before addressing the canine who spoken before her. ""Calm child. That is nothing but Myth! Surely it wouldn't be-" she paused, hearing the minous figure speak!

Malyn: The elvenfurre cries out in horror seeing the furre dragged to his death. "Do what you will, fiend!"

Tarquin Lightfoot stood and tried to aim toward the commotion! Drat, too late. "Whatever you do, do not wander off alone." he said in his midwestern drawl. he feared it was too late for that poor furre.

Ameena al-Sinai makes sure her headscarf is holding onto her head tight as the wind continues groaning in her sharp ears. Ameena agrees with Tarquin saying something in Arrabic.

Rat The Unloved put on the world's most uneasy smile, made mostly of teeth and not at all of mirth, and nodded incredibly thoughtfully at the masked figure. "Yeah. Yeah, dude. Right. Cool."

Yem. It stood in front of her, and how the phoenix had came to be in such a position she did not know. The mist hadn't dissipated, but she watched what she could barely see with great weary.

Atop the rock, illuminated by the reddish glow stands a masked, deep-red Wyrmme. The mask is dark-blue with a matching headdress crafted in the likeness of the Dark-Prime Peristane.

Maltese Pup: It knew something was wrong. Something very terribly wrong. Part of them wanted to run away, but if it decided to do that it knew it'd get hurt. It knew, more than the other furres, should it run off, it certainly would get hurt.

"I am T'Graal," the Shaman starts to rasp. "Tonight you are blessed. Some of you will stand witness to the brilliance of Peristane and Dyarr, whilst otherssss...will be touched by their blessings forever."

"Come forth and be counted, if you dare! Or find yourselves volunteered. I care very little, our Primes will have their subjects either way."

Kinaster mews a bit, rolling around quite boredly. These 'scary' creatures didn't phase the kitten none, oddly enough. Perhaps it had seen scarier, but a brief iron scent in the air put it at unease. Leftpaw creeps forward toward the masked one, though not much apart from the group, a low growl in his throat. Tarquin Lightfoot: the red light made the canine feel more uneasy. He felt foolish and stood up. Heading toward Tgraal. Loaded rifle in his arms, buit quick to act if this person was full of deceit.

Ameena al-Sinai Ameena was a little unsettled, baring her teeth in fear. Out of all the Dark Primes, the thought of Taglinn Tigh sends a chill down the Canine furre's spine. "It's just in my head..." Ameena whispers to herself. Ancient Arsenal waves tassels at Leftpillow, oblivious to the non-pillows' expressed worry Diablo76 capitalizes on the opportunity and dissipates his form into a fog, chuckling to himself as he taps random furres on the shoulder

Warren Westocean had a name to put the creature to now. He continued staring at it, tilting his head a little with curiosity and fluffling once again. He tended to get very feral when he wasn't conversing with someone. He had no intention of joining whatever it was talking about, since it sounded quite threatening...but he might as well listen. For all he knew it spoke good things and simply had an unfortunately raspy voice.

Saturneli, a coyote furre, nervously lights is pipe to calm his nerves. He'll offer the churchwarden full of herbs to others as a show of comfort, but seems too scared to speak. Until the raspy wyrmme speaks up, at which point he looks up with big, brown eyes. Maltese Pup whined. It couldn't speak in the furre language very well, it spoke much more fluently in dog, but nevertheless it tried. "Wha is Peristane n Dyarrrrrrrf?" It realized these names might be very important. And it just mispronounced one. Kinaster jumped and hissed, its fur standing on end and it began to pace, leaving small galaxy styled pawprints. "No.. No no no." Was that the best of its furrespeak, or was it a specific trait of fear the tiny galaxy cat-thing could only speak for?

Malyn: "If one must be turned..." Malyn mutters to herself, rubbing her own striped arms nervously as she moved towards the fore of the group, towards the Shaman.

T'Graal seems unphased by Tarquin's approach, his mad, red gaze flicking to Malyn as she approached. He jabs his staff toward her "Good! come forward, child of Peristane, child of Dyarra! All of you could do well to show such willingness!"

T'Graal's maddened cackles only increase in volume as he begins jabbing his staff toward both willing and unwilling participants, beams of red magic arcing from its tip and striking furres within the crowd.

Muffled under the mask comes a chant that repeats again and again as the Wyrmme accompanies a mysterious curse with the magic. "Avianus, Raukorisk, AVIANI!"

Maltese Pup didn't know how it got to this world. It had come here a few days ago, mysteriously, and followed the furres here. And now, the Wyrmme was yelling weird things. It was making the poor pup uncomfortable. It saw the magic. The red glows. It sent out a sharp bark in surprise and fear.

Yem craned her neck upward at the foundation of T'Graal's rock, seemingly forgetting if there were other rocks around to block a safe passage out... forgetting, almost instantly, the self-spoken eulogies of furres that had ran into the woods. The commotion around her was almost too much to process, there were voices and noises and commands and cocked guns.

Emo Nostalgia: T'Graal's cackles and thrashing was the thing that did it. The phoenix spread her wings, panicked into flight as her body torpedoed over the top of the Wyrmme's head, possibly crashing into the approaching furres as she landed.

Ameena al-Sinai focuses her gaze on the fire, ignoring the Wyrmme shaman yelling nonsense about the Dark Primes, trying to calm down as the wind goes silent around her.

James shrieks, for upon being struck by the lancing red light, he glows brightly and shrinks down into a crouched position.. But unfortunately an egg-shell formed around his body, finally muting his screams as the top of the egg closes off. [Oh no! The shaman cursed James and he has been trapped inside an egg!]

Tarquin Lightfoot was pretty much ended up shot point blank by the red magic.. "WHAT THE F..." he noticed there were ladies among the group "UDGE!" Tarquin fell backward, but he was quick to get back on his footpaws! [Tarquin is also trapped in an egg!]

Leftpaw advances forward, the growl quieted, though his hackles still raised. The power is not like anything the ferian's witnessed before, and curiosity outweighs the fear.

Blado was sitting and watching the ordeal quietly just as a red beam of magic flies right over the fire towards him. His instinct kick in, and his right arm raises to cover his face as he tries to duck, but is too late and ends up getting hit with the red magic. [Blado joins those trapped in the eggs!]

Doktor, who is already a monstrous and horrible bird-thing, strokes his beard. He's probably not qualified to fix whatever just happened to James.

Ancient Arsenal mutters to himself about being glad he did not assume a furre-like form to blend in with the non-pillows. Kinaster made a yipping giggle, pouncing towards the egg, and immediately slipping back off, but pouncing again, to cling to the comfortably shaped object. It liked this thing! It was pretty in colours! Maybe its fluff would suffice as a kind of incubation method.

Ameena al-Sinai breathes slowly, turning her gaze to the left when she sees something in the corner of her eye. A rather large charcoal-colored egg sits by next to her. Jade Ravenwing: A dark shadow lurked just beyond the dark mists surrounding the gathered furres. Its eyes seemed to glow, barely visible, in the night, and a low omnious hiss accompanied the shaman's chants, almost like a michevious cackle. Soon.

Saturneli gets hit with one of T'Graal's blasts, the coyote dropping his pipe and crumpling to the ground. What had happened to him? What was going on? He felt a shell growing around himself, and his muffled cries were stifled as it closed around him. From the inside, he banged on the shell, until something started happening... and the thumps stopped.

Mizu'isi'mek walks along during this windy night and decides to have a seat on the pillow. Maltese Pup had only a few seconds to process what was going on. No, one of them got turned into an egg! It probably was safer in the outside of the crowd.. maybe. If nothing from the woods got it.. It heard cries, yells, from those turning into the eggs. It desperately tried to jump over the other furres to the ones who were in the eggs, to help them, but it was useless. Everyone was too tall!

Ameena al-Sinai: The egg was massive, about the size of a bogblort. Ameena widens her eyes in dread when she feels an evil presence coming from the egg like she had a sixth sense. She must be hallucinating, or is it all true...?

Kinaster continued to sit atop the black, white and purple egg, pondering the situation. There were a lot lot lot of eggs, and it couldn't hatch them all at once.. Surely..

Leftpaw raises his head--and is too slow to react to a blast right for him. He rears up, and topples to his side as he's knocked by it. [Leftpaw is now trapped in an egg!]

Ameena al-Sinai: "By Reegarr, what's in this egg?" The Canine furre whimpered. Warren Westocean sees his vision turn red and realizes a red beam is being blasted toward him! He flaps and leaps, clearing the beam...only to get struck by a second one and plop back onto his perch as an egg. [Warren Westocean is getting shell-shocked in an egg!]

Tarquin Lightfoot curses as a shell formed around him, he tried desperately to escape it, but he seemed to be tied down the the base of the shell. Tarquin drops the M1 as the shell formed around him, imprisoning him inside. He wasn't going to give up without a fight!

Malyn: She braces herself for impact by raising her arms, clutching her eyes shut as she expects to be hit in the front row. Trapped in an egg, she won't even struggle. A noble sacrifice! [Malyn is trapped in an egg!]

Ameena al-Sinai: Feeling a gust of wind, Ameena holds on tight to her headscarf. Kinaster felt a huge sneeze incoming, and it sneezed quite violently, sending a huge blast of galaxy glitter everywhere, only to end up tumbling backwards into a stray red blast, and becoming like the egg it had been protecting! Yikes! [Kinaster got lambasted into an egg!]

Ancient Arsenal fidgets a bit more (getting fluffier), eyeing the rapid spread of this odd, hard-looking, roundish pillow shape forming around the gathered furres. Druu is in the process of laughing at the poor unfortunates getting turned into... eggs? Weird. Probably edible! But before she can even think about stealing one to eat, a red beam shoots toward her and knocks her on her rump! She yells in annoyance and some rather colorful language. [Druu is getting eggy with it!]

Blado finds himself confined to a very tight space, void of light. He tries to get out by moving around, but to no avail. The little blue spotted egg just shudders back and forth. Maltese Pup whimpered. The eggs felt wrong. There shouldn't be eggs. The eggs looked old and out of place... too old... to out of place... certainly these eggs weren't from long ago? It shuffled in the chair, looking nervously at the woods.. maybe they could leave?

Leftpaw's egg rocks feverishly, scrabbling sounds echoing from it. It nearly tips...then the scratching grows intermittent and different in sound. Ameena al-Sinai begins praying in Arrabic, trying to forget the egg but is unable to turn away from it as it sits right next to her.

Warren Westocean cuddles himself inside his egg, tries to get comfy while he waits for hatching time. Jade Ravenwing: When Maltese Pup looked towards the woods they would find a pair of ominous eyes staring back, as if daring them to leave the group. Daring them to venture out into the mists. A strange cacophony of sound echoed from somewhere nearby, rough and almost birdlike in nature.

Saturneli could barely hear anything through the shell. He huddled up and hugged his legs to his chest, starting to scratch at them. They felt quite... itchy? And so did his arms. Suddenly he was scratching all over, shaking the egg around him, which wiggled and shook from an outside perspective. Tarquin Lightfoot tries to kick himself out! But to no avail, After struggling and cussing, Tarquin tires out, laying inside of the shell. He picked up his rosary beads from his pocket and began praying to himself with it.

Druu screeches in outrage as a shell begins forming around her, but soon enough the swearing and annoyance is muffled and the colorful critter is completely encased! Kinaster gently rocked back and forth where it now sat, small flecks of galaxy colours dappled the egg that once was the tiny kitten Kinaster. Perhaps.. The little one had still been powerful enough in will, to keep its memories when it hatches.

Maltese Pup whimpered. It was tempting, but its instinct also told it might get hurt, or worse. Maybe in an egg... Suddenly, a red beam shoots in its direction. It jumped out of the group and to the red eyes. Eek! At least the beams missed me.. or did they? I think.. maybe? Yes? Phew? [Oh no, pup down! Trapped in an egg! ]

Dilan squirms inside of her egg, making various clicking noises and scraping lil talons against the shell, causing the outer shell to roll and wiggle in its place.

Ameena al-Sinai was shivering, the hallucinations were getting to her. The Canine furre tries to think about home back in the Old World in Arrabia. The soft sand tickling her paws. The smell of soothing chai tea. Spicy Herdbird thigh meat on a stick.

Diablo76 scratches at the inside of his shell frantically. Being claustrophobic is no time to be trapped inside an egg. The shell rocks violently to and fro and his panic deepens.

Owl hoots from within an egg, apparently. An owl raptor, who would have thought. What a hoot. Malyn a small muffled 'skree' comes from Malyn's egg, followed by it suddenly tipping onto its side! The egg is promptly stuck in the dirt from its own increasing weight.

Niles remains in the shadows, having been observing from a fair distance for a while now. This magic... this was unlike anything he'd ever seen before. A red blast strays in his direction though -- unfortunately from his blind side. He's hit and surprised by it, but hopes his high res won't allow it to cause any ill effects... the chances of that are slim. This is not magic from his world. [You're seeing red! Niles - Trapped in an egg!]

Yem sighed, though not entirely with relief, as it seemed that everybody escaped being trapped under her giant phoenix body as she landed. She still stood there though, thinking about kidnapping some eggs. Maltese Pup cried out as it realized the beam did not miss! It howled in distress before being encased in a plain white shell. The now egg shaked in distress, before suddenly stopping. The winds pushed the egg to one of the chairs, as if magically, which was no surprise. Ameena al-Sinai: Suddenly, it went dark. Darkness surrounds Ameena as she begins panicking.

In between his delirious chanting and the ominous cracks of magic issuing from his staff, the Shaman bellows to the sky, shaking his fists upward, "Yes, YES! So many new souls, so many ready to experience the blessing of our Dark Primes!"

The black clouds churn up above, flashes of red and orange light up the sky, accompanied by an ominous, rolling thunder. "Peristane, Dyarr, my Lords! Witness the work of T'Graal, your most faithful servant!"

Saturneli feels his body shift inside the egg. It's indescribable, but he feels sheer terror and confusion, and starts scratching on the shell in an attempt to get out. Ameena al-Sinai: "In the name of the Primes, what is happening?!" Ameena screams in the darkness as she grabs at the shadows unable to see anything. "Reegarr! Jeltana! Jujinka! Someone! HELP!"

The crackling storm starts to get more raucous - in fact it no longer sounds like thunder but instead a chorus of ear splitting shrieks. Huge clawed feet scrabble at the sky and pierce through the clouds until they become distinct enough to make out. They were.. the untame-able Raukor? There were four of the evil birds, pulling a giant chariot through the sky like a demonic Santafurre's sleigh. Their glowing eyes were wild with fury at their imprisonment even as they made their rough landing near the edge of the crowd.

The crack of a whip flashes like lightning as a one-eyed king steps from the shadows of the Chariot. Despite the screaming protests of the giant, ravenous birds, the Gryffe calmly exits, claws kneading together as he ignores the beasts and instead surveys his subjects, the sole red eye lingering a moment longer on the cursed eggs. The very moment he touches the ground, the Raukor sprint off into the woods with the chariot banging loosely behind them, the horrible racket not dying down even a few moments after they had left for how loud it was.

Maltese Pup whined from inside the egg. They felt their form changing a bit. What was happening? It heard thunder. Eek! It barked in distress as it curled up tighter in the large egg. Ahhh! Something's coming!

Leftpaw's large egg tilts crazily again, the scrabbling turned to scratching as the once-wolf seeks freedom. Jade Ravenwing: The dark shadow paced along the outermost edges of the mists, seemingly impatient. When the thunder cracked and a Raukor-pulled chariot descended from the sky a chorus of excited calls greeted them.

Kinaster, unfortunately, the egg was already forcing itself to crack, fighting for its hatching time to be sooner, much sooner. It wanted to break free first, stirring and reacting quite violently to the new, adult Raukors.

Diablo76 hears the commotion from outside the shell and decides it might be safer inside. Maltese Pup didn't want to give up. It pawed at the shell, biting it, but it was no use. The inside was too round, it was like a solid wall. You couldn't climb it, you couldn't bite it, it was just there as a sort of blocking thing. And the pup didn't like it. Ameena al-Sinai: A loud noise begins ringing in Ameena's ears, sounding like distorted screaming. The Canine screamed in fear and the demonic voices screamed back right into her ears, forcing her to kneel down on her knee and pray.

Niles: Predictably enough, he finds himself enveloped in an eggshell like many of the others, yelling out as he attempted to prevent his fate in vain. Now there is thunder, and he isn't sure what to think. Totally blinded now as to what was going on around him, and now he's found himself itchy... what are these, feathers? That can't be right...

Tarquin Lightfoot felt himself shift, yelling in pain and agony! Dropping his beads onto the floor as his bones began to shift within his flesh!

The nauseating perfume of Datura flowers floods the area as the unsettling click of claws on rock can be heard even over the thunder and the heinous birds. The tall, androgynous figure is shrouded in a red cloak, making it hard to discern both gender and species, though it is obvious they do not seem ruffled by the loud departing birds either.

Ameena al-Sinai then sees two figures. Taglinn Tigh was not one of them luckily, but it was something worse. The Dark Primes of Slavery and Lies were standing still looking at more of those eggs, including the charcoal egg Ameena was looking at a few minutes ago.

Paliana didn't know exactly how she got to this strange place but she'd been travelling for awhile. Quietly she slipped from the mists to hide behind a tree. It was her racing heart that gave her no courage. A priestess of Dhalsea, Paliana peeked out to look, eyes widening in fear. It was like looking at a nightmare.

As the atmosphere shifts so abruptly, the Shaman shrivels fearfully and casts his eyes toward the chariot. A harsh, rattling breath escapes his maw. "Yes...yes!" he cries with fearful excitement. It's barely a moment later that Dyarr's perfume reaches his nostrils. The faithful shaman throws himself down subserviently before them, both hands raising his staff. "My lords! I present you with my offerings. I have cursed these furres so your blessings shall never escape them!"

Saturneli grabs his wrist as claws jut from his hands and fur shrinks back, leaving scales in its place. He can't see what's happening inside or outside of his shell, but he knows his body is twisting and warping, becoming an altogether different shape.

Kinaster failed to hatch early, and sighed a bit, a breath escaping the eggshell, as whatever rested within, did not come out yet. It radiated an aura of discontent.. Maltese Pup thought from inside the shell. Furres? Well, I guess that's what everyone is called.. I like to think I'm more of a dog, though. It thought. Then, it realized that-- no, no, it was being offered! Don't eat me! Please don't eat me! It thought desperately, clawing the shell of the egg.

Ameena al-Sinai feels her blood boiling, ready to fight. Grabbing a dagger from her pocket she charges but suddenly she is knocked back as if she ran into something. Dyarr and Peristane were still standing meters away from her. Pounding her fist on the invisible wall Ameena screamed bloody murder wanting to rip and tear the two into nothingness.

Rare as it is for the smug one-winged Gryffe, a slow, appreciative smirk curls the edges of his beak. "So, it was you, loyal servant, who enslaved so many tonight to the life of such a horrific curse! What a wonderful start to my wretched brother's Wolf Howl."

Dilan's wigglings slow to a stop as the lightning and thunder crack in the sky, the egg freezing in its place and beginning to quiver in a sense of fear at the unfamiliar sound of screeching bird creatures followed by clacking claws, Fear only intensifying as more familiar voices boomed across the air, as both paws shot up and smacked against the inner shell in a desperate attempt to crack the eggy prison.

Warren Westocean's egg starts shaking around as he feels himself changing. Again? Is he gonna become some pseudo-shapeshifter after all this? He already could change between a hawk and a hedgehog, and he had no idea how or when he got that skill! Maltese Pup felt its form shift more. It was painful and itchy. Also, the egg seemed smaller. It was uncomfortable! Why can't I be outside already! It thought, trying to howl in anger. Instead, there was a weird mix of a howl and a screech. Huh?

Tarquin Lightfoot "I am going to kick that mother &$!?er's ash..." Tarquin grunted in his renewed struggle to get free! Kinaster rolled quite fervently, as suddenly, the behaviour of the gryffe, being that nearby, sent whatever hid within the cracked egg that held the galaxy kitten, into a bit of a frenzy, trying to break its way out.

The Wyrmme Prime hisses out a laugh. "Yesss, the Sssecond Dreaming magic hasss been getting on my nervesss, but thisss sservant hass made much better ussse of it tonight!" They peer through a half mask to stare unsettlingly long on the eggs. Then they cackle again, waving the mask as if it were about to be used as a tool. "Shall we sssee what'sss inssside?"

Ameena al-Sinai hears Peristane speak to Dyarr, or was it Dyarra? Doesn't matter, they were the Lord, or Lady, of confusion. Ameena screams at them trying to catch their attention while demanding freedom, her fist begins to ache from pounding on the invisible wall dividing the Canine and the Dark Primes.

Niles grits his teeth, finding himself in immense pain, and unfortunately not the good kind. The sounds brought on alongside the agony caused by the shifting of his bones into new positions were almost enough to overwhelm him, and his attempts against the shell that imprisoned him were all for naught. He slips out of consciousness for a few moments...

The feathered king joins his genderless scaled sibling in laughter, hefting his long leather whip in unison with the other's mask. In a fury that nearly matched the wild Raukor of earlier, the two Dark Ones lash out at all the eggs, forcing them to shatter regardless of the feelings of those who wore the shells.

Paliana's paws clapped over her muzzle and she began to shake violently. Such a voice and apparently a curse. There was doom in the air that twisted the furres and changed them. Quietly her paws curled around the necklace about her throat. A simple silver Vinca. Prayers, that would likely fall on deaf ears.

Maltese Pup sighed. It was no use. Finally the last thing started to change, their voice. Then, all of the eggs started to crack, including theirs. Oh no, it thought. It wouldn't be long before everyone hatched, or whatever the word was.

Ancient Arsenal flattens a bit at the sight of the feathery bipedal bird thingys bursting all over the place Ameena al-Sinai suddenly feels intense pain flowing from her hand, feeling her bones crack as they feel like they're changing shape. She howled as she grabs her arm only to feel, feathers? When she looks back there was still fur. No, this can't be right. "This isn't happening! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING!" Ameena screamed at the top of her lungs.

Diablo76 cries out at the sudden exposure to the outside world. He stares at the towering one-eyed figure before him with fervent curiosity.

Kinaster soon shattered its way free, after that attack from the Dark Primes, shrieking in victory, flopping out all over the seat beneath it. The feathers wet, its eyes, glowing with fire. A fire that didn't seem like the old Kinaster.

Malyn the once elvenfurre is freed as a bird of terror, greeting the dark primes with delighted screeching, and then just screeching for the sake of it. Their new tufted feather tail up in alert all the while. "SCREEEEE!" she shouts as she picks herself up from the shattered eggshell.

Jade Ravenwing: The shadow beyond the mists shrieked as Peristane cracked his whip and the eggs shattered. The moment it had been waiting for! With a terrifying call the dark, feathered creature leapt through the fog, landing amongst the gathered crowd with a hungry hiss.

Tarquin Lightfoot extends his wings and flies into the air, screeching loudly as his raptor like talons extended. Tarquin was mad, and it showed! He went to divebomb at the Shaman, claws extended, ready to claw that shaman's face off!

Maltese Pup burst out of the shell, screeching. It seemed to have some sort of control, still, but it didn't wait before leaping around the chairs. It fell down once, but quickly got up again. They screeched, small eyes widened and beak all the way open. Ameena al-Sinai: Soon there was light. The campfire was still there, flickering. Was it all a dream. Ameena began sitting up, but she notices something off. Her torn headscarf was falling off. Gasping, Ameena grabs at it to cover her hair before seeing clawed hands covered in sand-colored feathers.

Warren Westocean's egg breaks, a light stench poofing out of it as he emerges. He doesn't care what form he's taken, he still dashes to the water and briefly bathes with some nice soap to clear the smell away before returning to the crowd looking like a Raukor and smelling like daisies.

T'Graal watches on with glee as his eggs are 'blessed' by his beloved Primes. As the cursed ones emerge, his own body cracks and snaps into a new shape. His form hunches over, scales splitting from his body and shifting into dark, ruby-red feathers. The twisted were-raukor's mask falls to the ground at its feet and its flightless wings spread out abruptly. Newly transformed, his head tossed back to let out a bloodcurdling shriek down to his new kin.

Peristane: Just like me, these Cursed Ones are feathered and feared...

Dyarr-Dyarra: And yet they too carry the reptilian nature of my brothersss and ssissterss. Far more advanced than any mere Raukor!

"It is the Second Dreaming magic at work." Peristane glares again at the new cursed ones.

"Slaves to hunger, clinging to shadow, join the ranks of the dark and feared in this world, Raukor!" The Dark Prime laughs again, the echoes of it fading along with the edges of his form as he too returns to shadow.

"Only by working together can you Raukor bring down the furresss who ssscorn you. Let that be a lessson to you on how dessspicable furress truly are!" The peculiar Dark Prime pulls their cloak up to their face, whirling around until they too, have disappeared.

Warren Westocean now recognizes he is a bigger bird with a more feral actually okay with this. Saturneli bursts from the egg with a loud shriek, at first running towards the mists, and then turning around and running back into the crowd. He hops about, hissing, sneering, his mind on fire. Leftpaw feels compelled to obedience...He screeches back! Wickendor screams as she looks at all the vicious raptor beasts before her.

Ameena al-Sinai: Looking down, Ameena sees cracked eggshells surrounding her and her, clawed feet? The eggshells were green like her eyes. The demented screaming then came back to her. Ameena tries to speak but only a squack came out of her. No...

Maltese Pup didn't like it. It shrieked angrily, but didn't do anything but stare. It knew who it was, and it wouldn't let go. Not now, anyway. Not now. Jade Ravenwing met T'Grall's bloodcurdling shriek with one of their own, flaring their feathers and wing-arms in a dramatic display before turning their sight to the furres unturned. The dark beastial bird was hungry. Moki shrieks into the abyss

Ameena al-Sinai Looking around she sees some more eggshells that were charcoal colored. Then there were more in a assortment of colors surrounding Ameena and the others, or at least what used to be them. Kinaster screamed in reply to Moki, before flapping its still wet feathers, and pouncing on Leftpaw, clinging on with pathetic attempts. Unaware of what it was meant to be.

Paliana, in fear of the screeching beasts hatching from their eggs, let go of her Vinca to climb up the tree itself. These creatures sounded hungry. Only once up in the tree did she resume her prayers to the Primes.

Tarquin Lightfoot snarls, paces on the ground. His large raptor like claws clicking against the ground. Tarquin was not happy with this arrangement. How did that thing get away from the attack unscathed? Grunting, Picking up his rifle with his beak he slung it on his back. Degu decides to preen. He might not have wanted this, but hey, now he had it. Time to make his new form look fabulous for the other Raukors.

Leftpaw leans back slightly as he's leapt upon, but it doesn't ground him. Starting with more mass, he's still got more to spare. He stares at Kinaster...but doesn't withdraw, leaning close, eyeing intently, recognition flickering in his eyes of the other one who was so small before. Deceptisquirrel feels smart about taking the big bubble out to observe the dinosaur hatching, much bigger and dangerous than expected.

Ameena al-Sinai: Then there was a snap, a blistering pain. Ameena screeched out into the night sky. It felt like a whip was used agaisnt her, definally the whip Peristane wields. When Ameena thinks of Peristane she thinks of slavery and orders. Malyn's eyes lock onto Paliana's movement and she quickly dives at the tree, screeching and clawing at the bark while lost to her new feral nature. "Screee!"

T'Graal, now a Raukor himself, turns and sprints off into the trees. The mask left behind slowly turns to mist and evaporates, gone as if it were never there.

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