Text Commands

Add flavor and convenience to your social life using emoticons, hotkeys, and text styles. These commands allow you to manipulate text.

CTRL + D Switch between Furcadia and your whisper windows
CTRL + C Copy selected text
CTRL + V Paste selected text

Clear message input

SHIFT + CTRL + B Toggle bold style for text.
SHIFT + CTRL + I Toggle italicized style for text.
SHIFT + CTRL + U Toggle underlined style for text.
CTRL + Arrow keys Move the cursor inside the chat box.
CTRL + SHIFT + A Select your entire message.
CTRL + I Posts last sent messages
CTRL + J Posts name of last sent whisper
CTRL + K Posts name of last received whisper
CTRL + F Change screen font
CTRL + 1-0, SHIFT+CTRL + 1-5 Insert an emoticon into your message.

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