Of Clouds and Wyrmmes

The Furcadia Creation myths

The Book of Clouds and the Book of Wyrmmes are the traditional stories which record what is widely believed by most Furres about the origins of the universe and the Creation mythos. They were originally two song epics, an oral tradition retold over the aeons in a tightly rhyming fashion, such that it might be committed to memory and repeated without alteration.

These are the two scrolls written by the great Mouse Sage, Svansmojius, who was stoned for what was then considered heresy: translating it from Ancient Grreek to the Common Tongue, committing it to prose, and writing it down.

I. The Book of Clouds

Of the Creation of the Worlds

1. Long long ago, there was only Haze. The center of the Haze gathered to become the Great Egg. From this hatched The Dragon. The shards of the Egg were hungrily devoured by The Dragon. Then the Dragon breathed in the rest of the Haze, leaving only Him/Herself, and nothingness.

2. The Dragon laid thirty eggs of pure light, and the first seven hatched into the Primordial Primes. First came Twins, Wevvin and Sek. They looked at one another and created Space. Thelcoda created Time, Ahroth created Matter, Licharra created Motion, Syndira created Sight, Aristaya created Imagination, and Viverravus created Complexity.

3. Twenty-six eggs remained: The Clutch of Happiness, the Clutch of Fear. In the Clutch of Happiness were the thirteen Primes Jeltana, Dahlsea, Scarlong, Saligor, Jujinka, Gavil, Jemmion, Chim, Danival, Reegarr, M'Rill, Patrilius, and Beekin, whose egg was the smallest of all. In the Clutch of Fear were Telcodar, Drossifer, Peristane, Suffrith, Taglinn Tigh, Lokira, Chatengo, Nareetha, Erigon, Dyarra, Greydark, Mirmoggin, and Tallus.

4. The Dragon then flew in the form of a five-fold blossom, and this mighty trail was called the Vinca. Where He/She crossed His/Her own path, twenty Vinca Worlds formed. At the heart of the Vinca the Primes built a Palace in which to live. This they surrounded with billowing white clouds, upon which the Palace hovers.

5. Thus, the Primes dwelt upon the Vinca, especially in Yezaad, the Vinca World that we call the Archipelago of Dreams. The Vinca Worlds grew in different ways, and all was peaceful and good.

II. The Book of Wyrmmes

Of the Creation of the Worlds
1. Said The Dragon, "Let us make a Race, to live upon the World of Kasuria." The Primes gathered, and each gave of themselves to form the first Wyrmmes.

2. The Wyrmmes were like The Dragon in form, but they had no wings. They had scales of different hues, and frills and horns upon their heads. They were tall and slender, taller than Furres of today, though not so tall as the Primes. All of the Primes were delighted with them.

3. Said Patrilius, "Mother-Father, let me teach the Little Ones how to work magic!"

4. Said The Dragon, "You may teach them sorcery. But one magic they may not possess, and that is the Magic of travelling between the Worlds."

5. Thus the Wyrmmes wandered out into Kasuria, and they were naked and curious. They found lairs, laid eggs, formed tribes. In time, they were numerous and they came together to build beautiful cities. Beneath the cities, they dug passages, and caverns.

6. Unto the wisest of the Wyrmmes were entrusted the secrets of Magic. Dyarra, who was, of all the Primes, most like unto The Dragon, grew more fond of them than any. He/she loved to walk amongst them, and wished for the Wyrmmes to be able to visit the Abodes of the Primes when they pleased. Yet, Dyarra dared not go against The Dragon's wishes.

7. The Wyrmmes gave praise to The Dragon and the Primes. They built temples to honor The Dragon, and the Primes of both of the Clutches. There were priesthoods and kingdoms, and when the Wyrmmes went to war, they did so with rules and great rituals.

8. The Primes began to favor the different professions and nations. The Witchqueens of Ommol Hoonim called upon the Primes to aid them during a mighty battle. With magic and burnt offerings they sent their entreaties, and they were heard by Telcodar, Chatengo and Tallus. These three Primes agreed to aid the Witchqueens by sending a great wave to destroy the fleets of their enemies the Ommol Vanoor.

9. Wise Jujinka sang and new trees grew. When leaves broke off they floated up. Many Ommol Vanoor cut logs and floated into the sky. Their patron, Saligor, was a lion, and Peristane, a hawk. Said Peristane, "Saligor, my brother, the Witchqueens must not triumph; they would throw all males into bondage. Let us join together." So Peristane and Saligor became one. They battled and defeated the Witchqueens' giant serpent. When they came apart, they were not the same. Their leonine and avian features had mixed.

10. Together the three made a copy of Ahroth's mighty Iron Mantle. Alas, they shook it far too hard. The ground broke, and the great fires that The Dragon had breathed into it long ago burst free!

11. The waves rose up and smashed the coasts. The skies filled with black smoke, and the ground shook the cities to rubble. Then, a terrible winter began, in which it rained poison. Within one hundred and twenty three years, all the Wyrmmes were dead.

12. The Dragon was greatly saddened but did not give the order to make the Wyrmmes anew. "Patrilius, Chim, Danival, M'Rill, Reegarr. You shall make a new race. Like the Wyrmmes, they shall walk rather than fly like us. But let them be covered in fur, so that they shall not be cold. Let them bear live young, and care for them."

13. Said The Dragon, "And we shall speak to them only in their Dreams. For it was the interference of the Primes that destroyed the Wyrmmes."

14. Then did Dyarra conspire with Erigon, and they brought The Dragon a magical wine. The Dragon drank deep, and the wine made Him/Her sleep. Then Dyarra took on The Dragon's guise. He/she went to Chatengo, and told him to comfort the Prime Nareetha.

15. Nareetha was weeping bitterly over the loss of the Wyrmmes. Said Chatengo, "Lady, all things must end. But come with me to the sea, and I will show you something new." And Chatengo tried to dissuade her from her tears but it was not her nature to be happy, nor was it his nature to comfort. Chatengo grew enraged, and he held her in the sea until she was dead.

16. When Chatengo returned carrying Nareetha's cold body, the Primes were frightened and angry. They would not let him back into the Palace. So Chatengo went to his own realm.

17. Dyarra still wore The Dragon's guise. He/she sat upon The Dragon's place, and called Thelcoda and Licharra there. Said Dyarra, "You will make the Wyrmmes again."

18. The plan might have succeeded if Chim and Patrilius had not been very suspicious. They created a red orb called the Second Moon, and its red light stripped away all of Dyarra's illusion.

19. Several Primes were so angry that they leapt upon Dyarra and tore off his/her wings. A great fight began, with Scarlong and Gavil leading the Primes. Those born of the Clutch of Fear rallied to Dyarr's side. Thus was formed the Faction of the Dark.

20. The Dragon awakened, and the Dark Primes grew afraid. They opened a gate to Telcodar's measureless catacombs. The Primes chased after them. Said the Dark Prime Tallus, "Go, brothers and sisters. I shall come to you in the end!" He turned and stood before the gateway and faced fierce Viveravvus. Viveravvus broke into many copies of himself, each with a different weapon, and swarmed upon Tallus until he could no longer defend himself. Tallus was torn to tiny pieces just as the gate vanished. Said The Dragon: "Let them go." He/She took the pieces and cast them into the sky, to be the stars.

21. Thus were the Dark Primes were driven out of the Palace of the Vinca, to flee to their own deep caverns. Dyarra forgave Chatengo and Telcodar, but all the Dark Primes had grown to hate The Dragon and the Primes. Said Dyarra, "We shall need Nareetha." They came together, and gave of themselves, and they brought her back to life. This weakened them so greatly that they dare not now ever face the Primes in open battle. But it is said that one day, the stars may come together, and Tallus shall be hatched anew, and it is for this that the Dark Primes wait and plot.

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