Personal Portraits

Size: 95 by 95 pixels
Colors: 236 Furcadia Colors or 24 bit (Full Color)
File Formats: FOX, FSH, PNG, JPG, BMP
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Portrait Rules: Click Here
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Portrait Size

The size of your portrait should be exactly 95 by 95 pixels. If you submit a larger image, it will be cropped, whereas if you submit a smaller image, parts of the "default" Furcadia portrait of your character will show behind your portrait.

Small portraits look weird. Correct 95 by 95 size portrait. Big portraits are cropped.

Portrait Colors

You can submit your portrait as a .png, .jpeg or .bmp image, especially if you want to use full color (24 bit). Putting your full color image into the FOX Editor will reduce the image to the 236 color Furcadia palette. On the other hand, if you want your portrait to remap, use remapping colors and submit the image as a .fox file.

Animating Portraits

Animated portrait images should be submitted in .fox file format using kitterspeak and may have up to 50 frames of animation. All frames of the animation must be 95x95 pixels in size.

Remapping Colors

Portraits can be made to either always look exactly the same (“normal colors”) or to change colors depending on the colors of your Furcadia Character (“remapping colors”). When you upload your portrait, you will have an option to determine which type of portrait you are uploading. Remapping portraits must be done in a very specific way. Avoid selecting “remapping colors” option unless you know what you are doing.

View full list of remapping colors


"Normal Colors" remain as they are.


"Remapping Colors" changes colors as your character does.


"Remapping Colors" should not be used on images which aren't specifically designed for remapping.

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