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The Pounce Group Package is meant to work for groups of friends! Get your own webpage to tell about your hangout spots and list all of your friends. Have a chat channel to keep in touch from anywhere in Furcadia or use it as a broadcast channel to run your own 'channel station'. You can even give out your own custom desctags to all the members of your Group! Since this package is all about social groupings, it does not include Dream features. This is a Group everyone will want to have!

This is a sub-group for Sin City for all CSSO character players. Requests to join will be subject to admin approval.
get a crystal + succulent desctag!
Corgi's bork, boop you with their snoots, slobber your faces, get spooked, loaf around and wriggle their fluffy butts. But mostly, Corgi's love you unconditionally. You a fan of Corgi's? Then look no further then joining this group! Anyone is welcome to join! Even if you're a Cat! (Desctag made by Myself!)
For all of those who like and are friends with Ophelia!! Desc tag is courtesy of Aitsena/Gabriela!!
This is a new group page. Nothing has been written about this group yet.
Just a fun, colorful, misty woodsy tag. If you have a character reigning from northern territories, or simply enjoy the aesthetic of the tag, feel free to join.
Welcome to Furcadia Creative Arts; here we work on polishing, and refining our traits as dreamweavers, artists, writers, and musicians. We welcome even social members to come join us, while we discuss various projects, theories, methods, or just every day conversation. We welcome the community outside of Furcadia to join us as well as we venture to obtain our full potential, and achieve new friendships along the way. Join us on Discord; https://discord.gg/PwmceRM
Nen, the ability to harness one's energy field and turn it into a natural weapon. To learn Nen one must be capable of mastering the four basic principals. Ten, Ren, Zetsu and Hatsu. Then and only then will you be able to learn and master Nen. --Whether you love the world of Hunter x Hunter, magic or just the idea of being able to one's own aura to manifest and convert to your own usage, then this is the group for you. Anyone interested can join.
This is a group for the members of the Geneiryodan/Phantom Troupe. To become one of us you must pass a series of rigorous initiation tests. Though we cannot guarantee that you will meet the criteria to pass much less, survive. +;) ---Essentially this is a private group for those who are interested and or RP in the realm of Hunter x Hunter and or like the Geneiryodan/Phantom Troupe. Anyone falling under these guidelines may send a request.
The Red Claws is a bandit clan, dedicated to one thing and one thing only: profit. Robbing caravans, pick-pocketing, holding hostages for ransom... Yes, even contract work from time to time. The bottom line is loot and money. Get it or die trying. It's not that glamorous a life, nor is it one folk tend to survive long enough to retire in... But Primes is it fun. The Red Claws are headed by a Warboss, surrounded by a committee of lesser Bosses. The top dogs of the clan. Other than them? The only thing that establishes hierarchy is pure cruelty…
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