Summoning and Joining

If you want to request someone to your presence, join someone's company or decline a request:

`summon <name> To summon <name> to you
i.e. `summon Emerald|Flame
`join <name> To join the presence of <name>
i.e. `join Emerald|Flame
`decline <name> To decline a summon/join request from <name>
i.e. `decline Emerald|Flame

When you receive a request for joining or summoning, you will have to accept them by typing*:

`join When someone requests your company
`summon When someone wants to join your company

*Note: You will have to press <enter> after each of these commands.

ignore <name> To block join and summon requests from <name>
i.e. ignore Emerald|Flame
`shield (toggle on/off) To prevent players from summoning others into your dream

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