The Dragonlands: An Overview

The lore of Furcadia is rich with decades worth of info on the magic, characters, geography, and more. When referring to Furcadia's lore, we call it the Dragonlands Continuity, or the Furcadia canon. What exists in the Dragonlands continuity is outlined here, with more detailed info in the subpages of the Roleplay section.

You can roleplay the Dragonlands throughout all the main maps, but of all the areas on Furcadia, Goldwyn in Imaginarium is set up to be more like a strict roleplay setting. However, the continuity in Goldwyn is still not enforced. Many Groups on Furcadia also host Dreams where you can roleplay the Dragonlands continuity both casually and more strictly.

The Dragonlands theme is fantasy,
with an accent on chivalry and martial conflict.

Technology Flavour
Kasuria: Medieval Generally peaceful and good, where magic is common.
Drakoria: Bronze Age Evil, chaotic, dark and violent.
Olde World: Renaissance Similar to Kasuria, however with hardly any magic to speak of.

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There are three different continents in the Dragonlands: The quaint and nearly magic-less Olde World to the east, the dark and violent Drakoria in the west where magic can be chaotic and cruel, and, somewhere in the middle, Kasuria, where good tends to win.

All the main maps (excluding Theriopolis, which is in the Olde World) are located within Kasuria.

No Metal in Drakoria

In Harshlaw and Drakoria, there are no metal tools or weapons.

Scarhawks and Dragons

In Kasuria, a friendly rivalry exists between Dracoriders and Raptor Knights. The giant birds are less intelligent but both faster and more agile in the air. Yet the Dracosaurs are somewhat armored and more dangerous in close combat, making them more useful on the ground where a Scarhawk would be easily damaged. In Drakoria, the Wyrmmes ride Dracosaurs to war, but also consider both Scarhawks and Dracosaurs delicacies, to be consumed at victory celebrations.


Another thing that exists in the Dragonlands is the Skyships. Constructed with the saliva of Gray Bugge larvae, these amazing galleons can hold up to thirty tons. Piracy of both air and sea Drakorian slaveships is a grand Kasurian national pastime.

Bugges and Wyrmmes

The Wyrmme is a bipedal sapient draconid, and the Bugge is a bipedal sapient insect. It's helpful to remember that in Drakoria, the Wyrmmes rule all Furres and Bugges, and all Bugges there are slaves. On the other hand, Bugges and Wyrmmes are uncommon in Kasuria but there has been a steady inflow of refugees. Despite their beauty, Wyrmmes are treated with a bit of suspicion in Kasuria. Note: If your character is a dragon in the Dragonlands, they're considered a Wyrmme, and their ancestors were Drakorian.


Furres hate and outlaw the practice of cannibalism. A Furre's body is considered their own property. Even the more open-minded who have no fear of their blood being drunk by a Vampfurre are still outraged if this is done without a Furre's consent, considering it a combination of both theft and assault.

Other Continuity Guidelines

Nobles: You can play a noble, but the highest-ranking positions in the Houses are in the list of Noble Houses. If your character is a noble, they should have the name of one of the Noble Houses of Kasuria.

Alignment: When you make your character, it may be helpful to choose for them to be "Lightside" (pretty nice), "Neutral" (in it for themself, mostly), or "Darkside" (a bad guy). This is an out-of-character mechanic, not something that Furre philosophers and priests might discuss using these terms.

As an example, the vast majority of Furres in the world are "Lightsiders". Most Bugges are "Neutral". Most Wyrmmes are "Darksiders".

Ages in the Dragonlands: Officially, Furres age exactly like humans do. For example, the age of maturity is 18 years old, and elder Furres are usually in their 60's. Of note: Ferians are magically altered Furres and therefore follow the same customs in regards to age that Furres do. There are also species that are exceptionally long-lived, like some fey and other mythicals, but tend to spend their early lives in much the same way as other Furres until about 30, when their aging process slows considerably.

What time is it?: Officially, Furcadia defaults to FST: Furcadia Standard Time.

Preserving the Magic of playing in the Dragonlands

Some things that you see and do while playing in Furcadia are there for OOC purposes. They don't exist in the In-Character Dragonlands. Doing them can break the feeling of magic and being In-Character for those around you.

  • Making Dreams is a player activity, rather than a character activity.
  • If you leave the map and show up on another one, it helps to assume that some In-Character time has passed, and that your character traveled there in an ordinary way.
  • If you're going to log off, try to move out of sight of the other players first.
  • In-Character magical portals require tremendous energy and skill. Most characters should not claim to make them or control them since it takes many mages or a lot of Charms to set one up permanently.
  • Whispers to somebody not standing in the next space over would need to be shouted, and should be considered OOC.


Long ago, the Light Prime Ahroth created three land masses: The Olde World to the east, Kasuria in the middle, and Drakoria to the west.

The Furres of Kasuria (and the Olde World) grew into a courtly chivalrous society, well-organized, ruled by a king or queen who preside over the Great Council, made up of representatives from the Noble Houses. Drakoria was mostly mountains and hills, and inhabited by wild nomad Furres, who lived in tribes.

The Light Prime Jujinka made the Bugges to live in burrows underground and fly through the air, and the Feyfurres to watch over the forests. The Primes also made three kinds of friendly Draconid: the nocturnal and dayblind Watchwyrm, the Minidragon, and the Dracosaur.

Some time after their defeat at the hands of the Light Primes, the Dark Primes gathered upon Drakoria, calling the newly recreated extinct dragon-like people, the Wyrmmes, to their aid.

The legendary battle between the Wyrmmes called the Ommol Hoonim and the Ommol Vanoor caused a strange condition in Drakoria: all metal brought here turns to rust in a matter of hours. In a day they turn to dark reddish to greenish powder. (Tools are thus made from non-metal, and edged weapons are not as sharp or strong as their Kasurian counterparts.)

The Primes no longer begot children amongst the Furres, but their descendants were still alive. QuarterPrime Furres descended of the Primes were also born with wings, considered an omen of good fortune in Kasuria.

Throughout the land, the Dark Primes founded evil cults, devoted to trying to wipe out the QuarterPrimes, descendants of the Light Primes. They also mated with the first of the Drakorian Wyrmmes, introducing the potential for the dreaded ability called Kajutar Mindscourge. The limited few who had this ability (only some Wyrmmes) could telepathically inflict a flash of searing pain that paralyzed their target for four seconds, with almost no effort.

With this ability, the Wyrmmes grew more numerous and took over Drakoria. The Dark Primes gleefully decreed that the Wyrmmes should rule the Furres, and Furres should rule the Bugges.

The people of the Dragonlands are thus divided into two nations: the Drakorian Empire and the smaller independent kingdom of Kasuria. The Drakorians remain loyal to the evil Dark Primes, but the good Kasurians believe in equality of the races, and freedom.

In Drakoria, Wyrmmes are the rulers. Furres of Drakoria are next in status, and they keep both Bugges and other Furres as slaves, yet it is illegal to enslave a Wyrmme. Wyrmmes born with wings are eligible to be on the Council, which supports the Dark Emperor/Empress.

On the other hand, Kasuria is an enlightened monarchy; slavery is illegal there.

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