Service Center

In need of assistance? This section explains many different ways of getting help for any of your needs.

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Have you lost your character's description and colors? Switched computers? Hard drive crashed? This service retrieves your character's .ini file from your most recent login.

Read More: Retrieve Character .INI

Are you unable to log into your character because you have forgot its password? Create a new one here.

Read More: Retrieve Character Password

Your character's email is used to send you important information about your account. Change it here.

Read More: Change In-Game Email

Did you manage to snag a custom desctag or specitag space for your character? Upload or change your tags here.

Read More: Upload Custom Tags

Show the world what your character really looks like - fill your empty portrait space with custom art here.

Read More: Upload Portraits

Is your character's description buried under edible and special desctags? Hide and show specific tags using this service. For changing the visibility of your for-life digos, see the commands page.

Read More: Change Desctag Settings

A character's name is forever... but you can change how it looks. Add spaces or change casing using this service.

Read More: Update Character's Name

Did your latest work-in-progress dream crash your client? Save your character from oblivion by using this service to make them appear in the Vinca the next time you start the game.

Read More: Return to Vinca

Get that for-life digo you always wanted, without the risk of losing your dragonscales! Use this service to securely trade with other furres.

Read More: Secure Trading

Miss us? We miss you! Subscribe to Furcadia updates again here.

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A client crash or problem can be frustrating, but help is often just a click away! Search through the tech support database to find answers to your technical issues.

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If you can't find a solution to a technical problem, make sure we know about it! Report bugs here so we can get started on fixing them - and help you find a way around them.

Read More: Report Bugs

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