Quarterly Sales Raffles

Our annual Digo Market Raffles have always been popular, so much so that buying an avatar outside of a raffle period could feel a little less rewarding! Therefore we are excited to present our brand-new Seasonal Raffles that will make every purchase exciting!

How it works:

Each year is split into four themed raffle seasons:

  • Frisky Season (March, April, May)
  • Dreaming Season (June, July, August)
  • Cozy Season (September, October, November)
  • Celebration Season (December, January, February).

Each Raffle Season concludes with a big Raffle where we give away delicious prizes, many of which can't be obtained elsewhere. Most purchases made during a season yield raffle tickets.

A big change to previous Digo Market Raffles is that from now on all purchases of avatars, portrait and desctag spaces, desctags, consumables, bundle, etc. count, with some exceptions listed below, under "What is excluded?" So, that means not just special deals, but also full price ones get you tickets, as long as they cost $5.00 or more.

How many tickets you receive depends on the price of an item: Every full $10 or 10 DragonScales (rounded up) spent on an order yields 1 raffle ticket if spending at least $5.

So if you spend between $5 - $15.00, you'll get 1 raffle ticket, $15.01 to $25.00 for 2, $25.01 to $35.00 for 3, etc.

For example: buying an avatar for $22.49 will give you 2 raffle tickets, an avatar that is $48.99 will give you a whopping 5 tickets, and a consumables bundle for $5.50 will include 1 ticket.

Raffle tickets are represented by seasonal raffle desctags that you receive automatically. To make it more fun, your existing seasonal raffle tickets will change dynamically and are thematically grouped throughout the season, just to keep your description from looking stale!

Tip: you can also make the raffle tags invisible in your Desctag Settings - they'll still enter the drawing!

What earns tickets?

This applies to most purchases on Digo Market, not only items that are on sale, and whose price is at least $5.00. This means if you buy non-sale Digo avatars/portraits, you'll earn more raffle tickets!

What is excluded?

Excluded are recurring subscriptions (such as Sponsorships and Group Packages), Dragon scales (you get tickets when you spend them, not when you buy them), and Sponsorship services (clearing portraits, etc.)

So, what can you win?

Prizes will change from season to season. All tickets from Digo Market orders made during the Celebration Season (December 1, 2023 to February 29, 2024) enter a raffle for the following prizes:

1 x Custom Avatar Space FOR LIFE*
1 x Participation in designing an avatar (and you get the first LIFE version of that avatar)
1 x Gold Sponsorship FOR LIFE
1 x Dream Package FOR LIFE
1 x Ferian or SkyPuff avatar of your choice FOR LIFE**
1 x Minkin, Ling, Noble, or Seasonal avatar of your choice FOR LIFE**
1 x Mythical avatar of your choice FOR LIFE**
3 x Roses Bundle
3 x 25 Parnieq's Feathers
3 x 50 Pots of Pixel Pow

*The avatar space can be given to a character of your choice and isn't tradable.

**The avatars are tradable and will include their respective collectible desctags FOR LIFE that are only available with the full-price version of the avatars.


Can I transfer my seasonal raffle tickets?

No, the tickets can't be transferred. You can select which character you want them on during checkout, though. Also, if you win, you can tell us on which character you want your prize. So there is no downside if your tickets are spread out across different alts of yours or if you put them on an alt that you don't want a prize on.

Do I have to be present for the drawing in order to get a prize?

No, you don't have to attend the drawing in order to win. We'll contact you in-game and by e-mail if you win, so you won't miss out on your prize!

When will the drawings be?

Dates and times will be announced in the weeks leading up to the drawing. In general, we'll be aiming for the first weekend after the end of a season.

What happens with raffle tickets when a season ends?

You'll notice that the expiration date of tickets exceeds the duration of a season. This is just a side effect of the seasonal raffle desctags lasting for a certain number of months, regardless of when you receive them. The server will generate a list of all raffle participants at 11:59 PM Furcadia Time of the last day of a season (for Celebration Season, this will be February 29, 2024 at 11:59 PM Furcadia Time) and then remove all tickets. You can then immediately start earning tickets for the next season!

Can I win multiple prizes?

Yes, you can win more than one prize if you have earned more than one ticket in a season. Every individual ticket enters the raffle, so if you have five tickets, you have five chances every time we "roll" the winner for a prize. The more tickets you have, the better your chance to win one of the big prizes!

More questions? Send an in-game whisper to Cironir!

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