Wrapping Paper

Have you ever wished you could nicely wrap up gifts for your friends and loved ones before sending them? Now you can!

In time for the holidays, we have a new feature: Wrapping Paper!

Gift Box desctags

Starting now, you can buy Wrapping Paper on Digo Market. It comes in 4 colors: Red, Pink, Purple, and Black. Unused Wrapping Paper is stored on your Character similarly to Roses and Snugs.

If you have Wrapping Paper, you can package any Digo avatar, DragonScales (at least 10 GD), or a Portrait space and give a nicely wrapped box to another Character -- with a personal message! The gift box will show up in the recipient's description.

Once the gift box has been received, the recipient can open the box either any time, or a date the sender specifies.

Until the recipient opens the gift box, they can also be a brand new Present avatar!

Red Wrapping Paper

Buy Wrapping Paper on Digo Market!

How do you open a gift box?

When you have received a gift box, it will be displayed in your description. Typing info shows you details. To open it, type `unwrap <sender's name>, e.g. `unwrap john if you received the box from the Character named John.

Black Wrapping Paper

How do you use the Present avatar?

When you have received a gift box in your description, you will be able to use an exclusive Present avatar. Type `present to use it!

Present Avatar

How do you create a gift box?

Once you have bought Wrapping Paper, type `wrap-<color> <item> <recipient> <message> <date>.

Purple Wrapping Paper

Below is a detailed explanation of what each parameter does:


Wrapping paper currently comes in 4 colors: red, pink, purple, or black.

Valid commands are: `wrap-red, `wrap-pink, `wrap-purple, `wrap-black


This can be any Digo that you have on the same Character, an amount of Golden DragonScales that is at least 10 GD, or a regular/animated Portrait space.

Examples: catten, mfdragon, butterfly-wings, 25GD, portrait, animated-portrait


This is the name of the Character who will receive your gift box. It will show in their description and they receive a popup message. Note that this is like any other gift: Whatever is in the box, the recipient will become the owner of it. If a name has spaces, either omit them or use the | symbol.

Examples: john, johnfurre, john|furre, john|h|furre, johnhfurre


This is an optional personalized note that the recipient will see when they open your gift.

Example: Happy Holidays! Thank you for being in my life, I really appreciate you!


This is an optional parameter. If you do not use it, the recipient can open your gift box immediately. If you want the gift box to be locked until a later time, add a date at which the box becomes openable. The format for this is month/day.

Examples: dec/25, jan/15, jul/28

Pink Wrapping Paper

Here are two complete example commands:

`wrap-red foxen john Happy Birthday! apr/5

You'll be giving your Foxen to John. He can't open the red gift box shown in his description before April 5. When he does open it on April 5 or later, a message saying "Happy Birthday!" will be shown.

`wrap-purple 10GD Jane Thank you for helping me!

You'll be giving 10 Golden DragonScales to Jane. She can open the purple gift box immediately after you give it to her. When she opens it, a message will say, "Thank you for helping me!".

FAQ about Wrapping Paper:

Q: Does Wrapping Paper expire?

A: No, it does not expire as long as your Character exists. Note that it will not prevent inactive characters from expiring.

Q: Does the timer for expiring Digos stop when they are wrapped?

A: Only if you are using the <date> parameter. If the box is locked for 7 days when you give it to someone, the Digo's timer is extended by 7 days. The timer will start again after 7 days, even if the box is not opened.

Q: Do I have to confirm before the gift is wrapped and delivered?

A: Yes, the game will show you exactly what is about to happen and you'll have to press the confirmation button before any action takes place.

Q: What happens if the recipient already has the same item that I've given him?

A: If it is a yearly item, it will be added to the recipient's character. Yearly items stack, so it will not become active until the existing yearly item has expired. If it is a for life Digo and the recipient already has a for life Digo of the same kind, they will be told that they already own this item and asked for an alternative recipient.

Q: Can I re-gift un-opened gift boxes?

A: No, this can't be done. You can re-gift the content after opening it, though.

Q: Is there a transfer timer for items that have been gifted via Wrapping Paper?

A: Yes, the transfer timer kicks in when the gift box is opened.

Q: Can a recipient have multiple unopened gift boxes?

A: Yes. All boxes will be shown when you type "info", including the name of the character you received them from. To open a box, type `unwrap <sender>, e.g. `unwrap john If you have received multiple boxes from the same character, the command will open the chronologically oldest first.

Q: Can I use Wrapping Paper for anonymous gifts?

A: No, the recipient will always know who was kind and gave them your wonderful gift.

Q: Can I get a gift box back?

A: No. Once you have sent a wrapped gift, it becomes the recipient's.

Do you have any questions that weren't answered above? Please ask us at support.furcadia.com by submitting a Support Ticket!

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