Strict Roleplay

Strict Roleplay on Furcadia is a very in-depth and rules-based form of Roleplay. In Strict Roleplaying, there is a strong emphasis on playing in a well-defined world, known as a Continuity, and ensuring that all characters' actions and backstory align with it. When all participating players uphold a Continuity, it gives rise to a very unified philosophy of play.Strict Roleplay

Strict Roleplay entails defined, mechanical limits on the actions your character can take on the world. It's a specific system with character guidelines / sheets, stats, etc. Think pen and paper systems, or RPGs.

You probably won't find spontaneous Strict Roleplaying because it requires you to absorb the source material and be familiar with a particular Dream's conventions of play.

Because of the need for more control, Strict Roleplaying takes place exclusively in Dreams, not on main maps, and Furcadia's staff does not monitor or regulate it. Players are encouraged to form Roleplaying Groups in order to participate in Strict Roleplay.

Guidelines to facilitate: Strict Roleplay

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