By playing Furcadia and using our services (website, message boards etc.), you are agreeing to our terms. Please read them carefully. Violation of these Terms of Service may result in your account getting suspended.

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The User Agreement is a set of rules that you, and anyone that uses your computer or account to access Furcadia, must abide by while playing. These rules are enforced by a specially trained group of volunteers called the Guardians and by members of Furcadia staff.

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The Privacy Policy is a legal document that discloses all of the ways Furcadia may gather, use, and manage your data and personal information. Your privacy is very important to us so we provide this information to explain how we protect your information.

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Furcadia's chat channels, public areas, and player dreams each have been assigned a "standard". A standard is a bit like a rating, though Furcadia is unrated. Furcadia has live chat and it is important to note that we cannot stop what players type before they type it. Even in an E dream you may see unsuitable content. The standard of a dream or channel tells you what audience it is intended for, but also gives you an indication of the behavior we require there.

Our standards page lists all of the standards that are currently used in Furcadia and a brief explanation what each means.

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The Guardians are a group of players who are the official "enforcers" of Furcadian rules and policies. They are friendly and willing to help, but should be treated with respect and not harassed unnecessarily as they are very busy while on duty. Remember, they are volunteers and receive no compensation, other than the thanks of the players, for the work they do. In Furcadia, you can whisper the ones listed for help with serious trouble. If there are no Guardians available, an Associate can also be called upon in an emergency. Pretending to be an Associate or Guardian helper is not permitted.

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The Kids Stuff page is designed to give younger players a brief tutorial on Furcadia teaching them things such as: Furcadia's rules, how to ask for help in-game and identify our Beekin Volunteers, as well as helpful hints on staying safe while playing Furcadia.

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The Parent Letter is written by Furcadia's very own co-producer, and mother of two, Emerald Flame. It is designed to give parents an overview of Furcadia and explain how the game promotes creativity and social skills in a world wide community. It also discusses how to keep your children safe while playing Furcadia.

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It is our goal to make the Furcadia message boards an enjoyable, informative, and fun place for all members and players of Furcadia. To achieve this, it is important to have a few basic rules that apply to everyone. The idea is not to restrict you or to spoil your fun, but to ensure that everyone has a good time.

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