FURCADIA Character Creation            NAME _________________________________

Worksheet 3                            PLAYER________________________________


A List of Skills


      [PARRYING] (based on DEX) ShieldParry, BucklerParry, MaingaucheParry

      [SINGLEHAND] (based on MEL) Club, Dagger, Flail, Foil, Greatsword,

         Javelin, Morningstar, Hatchet, Mace, Rapier, ShortSword, Spear, 

         Sword, Whip

      [TWOHAND]  (based on MEL) 2-HandClub, 2-HandFlail, 2-HandMace, 

         2-HandSpear,Battleaxe, Polearm, Pitchfork, Quarterstaff, Trident, 

         WoodAxe, Warhammer

      [MISSILE]  (based on DEX) Archery, Crossbow, Sling, ThrownJavelin,


      [MOUNTED]  (based on DEX) OstrixLance, RaptorLance

   LANGUAGES (based on EDU)   *The base language of Kasuria is Kasurian.

      Alemans (Alemanish States), Anglish (Albion), Barabic (Barabia),

      Erish (Eriu), Criptic (Aegypt), Espallish (Espallia), Frrench (Frrance),

      Kantenganese (Katenga Tribal Lands; many dialects), Kohazzi (Kohazzah),

      Latalian ("the scholar's tongue"), Portigese (Portiga),

      Pawlish (Mountain Lands of Vorsava), Rrussian (Moscavy),

      Taigorian (Taigorian Lands), Valgorian, Therian (Catolia)

      Buggish, High Drakorian, Low Drakorian, Smargish, Glimmerish

   WRITING (based on EDU) Therian, Barabic (used for Barabic and Kohazzi)

      Taigorian (used for Taigorian), Magian


      (base = 10) Croadan ("gutterspeech")

      (based on DEX) Lockpicking, Pawmagery, Pickpocketing, Forgery

      (based on WIT) Detective, Disguise, Streetwise, Voicetricks

   COLLEGE KNOWLEDGE (based on education)

      Alchemist, Architect, Cartographer, Astrologer, Astronomer, Ettiquette,

      Heraldry, History, Physicker, Religion, Shipwright 


      (based on DEX) Reedwind -Reedwinds can only be played by Equines.

      Drummer, Flute, Harper, Lute, Pennywhistle, Recorder, Trumpet

      (based on WIT)   

      Composer, Jester, Poet, Singer

   KNOWLEDGE CRAFTS (base = 10) Baker, Birdtrainer, Boater, Brewer, Butcher,

      Cook, Distiller, Dyer, Farmer, Falconer, Fuller, Gambler, Glazier,

      Merchant, Miller, Sailor, Survival, Tanner, Teamster, Tinker, Vintner

   HANDICRAFTS (based on CRAFT)  Armorsmith, Basketweaver, Blacksmith, Bowyer,

      Carpenter, Cartwright, Chandler, Cobbler, Cooper, Coppersmith, Finesmith,

      Fletcher, Glassblower, Illuminator, Jeweller, Leatherworker, Locksmith,

      Netmaker, Oculist, Paintersketcher, Potter, Ropemaker, Saddler, Sculptor,

      Spinner, Stonemason, Tailor, Weaponsmith, Weaver

   BODY SKILLS(based on GRA)

      Acrobat, Climber, CourtlyDancing, EscapeArtist, OstrixRider, ScarhawkRider

      Stealth, ValgorianDance, Bitefighting, Clawfighting, Fisticuffs, 


   *MARTIAL ARTS (Rare! You may not choose skills from more than 1 Martial Art)

      TONBOKA: Acrobatics, Club, Baton_parry, Bitefighting, Tonboka_trip,


      KIRAAL   Kickfighting, Kiraal_Emptypaw_parry, Kiraal_throw,

         Kiraal_tail_strike, Tailfighting

      PAKCHAY  ShortSword, Fisticuffs, Kickfighting, Pakchay_kick_block,

         Pakchay_restrain, Pakchay_aerial_kick

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