Map Shortcuts

A handy list of official Furcadia dreams to explore and play in, and the commands for how to get there.

`fdl url Teleport you to the dream url you specified
@commands Can be used on most main maps and festival dreams. Lists text commands that can be used on the current map.
@turf Teleport to your Exclusive Turf location.
CTRL + S or F9 or furc://vinca/ Go the the Vinca
Located within the Vinca are portals to most places
Ctrl + B or `goback Return to the previous map
Ctrl + A or furc://allegriaisland/ Go to Allegria Island
furc://hawthorn/ Go to Hawthorn
furc://mm01/ Go to Goldwyn
furc://challenges/ Go to Challenges
furc://furrabiannights/ Go to Furrabian Nights
furc://mm17/ Go to the Furrabian Oasis
furc://meovannivillage/ Go to Meovanni Village
furc://acropolis/ Go to Acropolis
furc://imaginarium/ Go to Imaginarium
furc://theriopolis/ Go to Theriopolis
furc://dusk2dawn/ Go to Club Dusk 2 Dawn
furc://zefiroth/ Go to Zefiroth
furc://aerie/ Go to the Aerie
furc://welcomemap/ Go to the Lake Resort
furc://welcometutorial/ Go to the Welcome Tutorial Map
furc://silvershowcase/ Go to Silver Sponsor Dream
furc://wylde/ Go to The Wylde

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