Roleplay Groups

A player-created and player-run organization is referred to as a Group. On Furcadia, every Group is different. Each has its own rules and staff structure. With a few very crucial and rare exceptions, the Beekin Guardians are instructed not to interfere with what happens inside private Dreams, including that of a Group.

If you want to maintain higher standards, you need to be in a controlled environment. For that reason, some Dreams are controlled by a Group. Especially if you're looking for RP, we recommend taking the effort to find and join one.

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Rahs, Taneestas, and Taneests

A Group can actually have multiple leaders, but for purposes such as Dream ownership, there needs to be one person ultimately responsible. The Furcadian word for the owner of a Group is a Rah. The Rah can give themselves powers such as appointing "lieutenants" called a Taneesta or Taneest.

There are, unfortunately, some players who won't follow rules without a definite threat that doing otherwise will get them kicked out. This is especially true in a Strict Roleplaying Group with rules that say a character can die or be injured or be otherwise changed against the player's will. A Rah can choose players to do things like enforcing the rules.

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