1. Introduction
  2. Cookie Rules
  3. Command list
  4. How do I make a cookie?
  5. How do I give a cookie?
  6. How do I give out a secret cookie?
  7. How do I get rid of cookies?
  8. How many cookies do I have?
  9. Alternate Commands


Cookies are little pictures in your description (desctags) that can be given to others, collected, or used as a form of casual currency around Furcadia. Cookie gifting is a fun way to make friends and thank those who help you out. You have a limited supply of free, inactive cookies every day to give to other furres or use in games. Cookies that are given to you show in your description. These "active" cookies can be given, used or eaten to get an interesting fortune. Type "info" in the game to see how many cookies you have at any time. The cookies go stale and are yoinked by kiwis at 5 am each day so use them while you can and have fun!

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Cookie Rules
  1. New cookies cannot be made until you have been logged in for 15 minutes.
  2. You cannot make cookies for yourself or any of your alts.
  3. All cookies last only until the early morning at about 5AM(FST).
  4. You may only make 3 cookies a day (Silver Sponsors can make 12, Dream Package holders get 48).
  5. There IS a limit on how many cookies you can have in your description (1000 maximum, they collapse to a number after 9).

Command list
make-cookie <name> Make a cookie for someone.
make-secret <name> <message> Makes a cookie for someone without alerting those around you.
give-cookie <name> Give a cookie to someone from one of the ones in your description.
secret-cookie <name> <message> Give a cookie to someone without alerting those around you.
eat-cookie Eat one of the cookies in your description.
cookies-reject Prevents the ability to be given a cookie
cookies-accept Returns the ability to be given a cookie
cookies-off A Dream Owner command that turns off the ability, for everybody, to give cookies within the dream
cookies-on A Dream Owner command that reverses the effects of cookies-off

How do I make a cookie?

To make a cookie, every user can use the command:

make-cookie <recipient>

There are a given number of cookies that can be made per day: regular furres can make cookies 3 times a day, and Silver Sponsors and Associates can make cookies 12 times a day. The count of how many inactive cookies are left is reset every morning at 5AM (FST). All cookies that anyone has in their possession are wiped out at this time (even the ones purchased via Digo Market).

make-cookie cannot be used to give cookies to yourself, or to any character that matches your IP address. It also cannot be used in the first 10 minutes after logging on Furcadia (to discourage people from making several alts to give out more cookies). Using it before that will result in the message:
I'm sorry, your cookies are still baking and aren't ready to give out yet!

To make someone a cookie you need to be in the same map/dream as them, and you need to be able to see each other. It should display the message to everyone who can see the recipient:
<giver> just gave <recipient> a cookie.
Furres can type cookies-reject to prevent cookies being given to them, and turn off the cookie-shield with cookies-accept. Giving cookies to someone with their reject flag on shows the giver a message, and nobody else, which reads
<recipient> is not accepting cookies.
Dream owners can type cookies-off and cookies-on to totally disable the cookie commands in their dream.

Anybody who has 9 cookies or less, has them all displayed as separate symbols in their description. If they have 10 or more, it displays at the number followed by a single cookie symbol. For now, we'll arbitrarily limit the number of cookies a player can receive to 1000; we may raise that limit at a later time. If a player tries to give someone who's "full" a cookie, the message will read:
<recipient> can't carry any more cookies right now!

How do I give a cookie?

give-cookie <recipient>

This command allows you to take a cookie you have already received, and give it to anyone you can see in the same dream you are -- even if they ARE on the same IP that you are, and if you just logged on 2 seconds ago. It prints the same message as make-cookie, but it now takes the cookie away from your cookie total. If you don't have any, it prints:
You don't have any cookies to give away right now!

How do I give out a secret cookie?

secret-cookie <recipient>
secret-cookie <recipient> <message>

This only displays a message to the giver and the receiver:

You just gave <recipient> a cookie. for the giver, and

<giver> just gave you a cookie! or

<giver> just gave you a cookie! It has a note attached which reads: <message>

How do I get rid of cookies?


This commands allows you to consume one cookie, and prints a random fortune for the furre that ate it.

How many cookies do I have?

Everyone gets a minimum of 3 cookies per day but there are various ways to get more.
Silver Sponsors get 12 per day and Dream Package holders get 48.
You can also buy more cookies from the F-tab within Furcadia for 5 CD each!

The info command shows how many more cookies you can still make today (if any).

Alternative commands

All commands have synonyms with no dash (-) in them.

makecookie givecookie eatcookie secretcookie
cookiesaccept cookieson cookiesoff cookiesreject

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