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HearthDrake Presale

A new avatar is coming to Furcadia, and it is the hottest Drake yet!

HearthDrakes share one of the most frequent traits of their widespread family: they love everything that is hot! (This includes you!) One of their favorite activities is to curl up inside fireplaces, right in the middle where it is the sweetest, like it's a tootsie roll! They store up all the heat, so flickering flames surround them wherever they go! This animated, almost aura-like effect draws a lot of attention, and they bask in it!

While we're putting the finishing touches on your HearthDrake, you can already reserve your very one drake. This is a great way to support Furcadia's artists and we're also including an extra raffle ticket (for as total of three!) and a collectible bonus desctag FOR LIFE! The tag and the bonus raffle ticket are only available during the presale phase!

Get your HearthDrake here!

HearthDrake Presale

Dragon-y Event!

Ready for another hot event? This Sunday, the 30th, we'll meet at 3:00 PM Furcadia Time in Meovanni Village for dragon-themed fun!

Plushikin Event extended!

We're extending the Plushikin event by 3 months! It will now end on October 1st, 2024! So if you haven't collected 'em all yet, the next three months will provide more opportunities to get Plushikins - on Digo Market and at in-game events!

We have also extended the duration of all existing Plushikin desctags. If we overlooked any, please contact us at - please include any order IDs! You can also whisper Cironir in-game when he's on!

Pride Month Event!

Are you up for a glorious event to celebrate Pride Month?

Join us this coming Friday, the 21st, at Noon Furcadia Time! We'll meet in Olde Town and we'll bring prizes! Come for fun games and open mindedness! The event will run for about 90 minutes, and everyone is welcome to participate! Treefox will be your host, and Kufky and Cironir will be there too!

Father's Day Event

We're holding an event for Father's Day on Sunday the 16th, 3:00 PM Furcadia Time. Bring your best dad jokes, we bring the prizes! (And also some jokes of our own!)

Frisky Season is ending tomorrow & Raffle date and time!

The date and time for the drawing of the Frisky Raffle have been set! Next Sunday, June 9th, at 3:00 PM Furcadia Time! (Central Time) - in the Festival Dream!

You can still get tickets for the raffle! The deadline for obtaining Frisky Season raffle tickets is June 1, 12:00 PM/Noon Furcadia time (not midnight). The raffle desctags will be removed from characters at this point - and new raffle tickets from purchases after noon will count for the Dreaming seasonal raffle.

All the details and prizes for the Frisky Raffle here:

For @everyone who wants to get frisky tickets still or has some!

Roamheart's Dream Day 7!

Roamheart's Dream Day 7 marks the two year anniversary of the event, and was another success!

DD7 was almost an even split between returning and previously unfeatured dreams. Entries included Spartopia by Martyn, an ever-evolving RPG spar dream where you battle and quest with your own familiar. We also visited Realms of Mhyrr by Xillor, a tech-heavy co-op PRG and one of the largest maps in Furcadia. Of the newcomers, we enjoyed several highly atmospheric experiences, including Avelithe's Red Meadow (based on the chapter of the same name from 'The Sight', a book by David Clement-Davies).

During the event, DD hosts announced that dream owners would be able to submit ads during intermission in the future. This will be a good opportunity to participate in the event without committing to a full tour. Hosts also announced that the scheduling for DD would be switching to every 6 months to accommodate other community events going forward. Stay tuned to hear more as the time comes! To learn more about Dream Day and see the full line up of dreams and VOD, visit Dream Day's website at

Frisky Season starting, Celebration Winners!

Our next raffle for the Frisky season has already started, where you could win huge prizes! Most purchases on Digo Market will enter you into the raffle, including buying avatars, portrait and desctag spaces, desctags, consumables, bundles, etc. and key prizes for Frisky Season are the very rare Kittersize for life, World Package for life, and Gold Sponsorship for life!

The drawing will take place in May - more details about the Frisky Season Raffle can be found right here!

Also, on March 5th we held our (first!) seasonal raffle drawing to conclude a fantastic Celebration Season! Thanks to everyone who attended or tuned into the events channel! Below are the winners of the Celebration Season prizes:

3 x Pixel Pows: Psych, Vicroar Wyrmeye, Cashmire Scarlett
3 x 25 Parnieq's Feathers: Arizona Swiftpaw, KittyKat, Pepper
3 x Roses Bundle: Odessa Micawber, Kjersta, Gideon
1 x Ferian or SkyPuff avatar of your choice FOR LIFE: Carney
1 x Minkin, Ling, Noble, or Seasonal avatar of your choice FOR LIFE: Clockwork
1 x Mythical avatar of your choice FOR LIFE: Princess Muffin Butt
1 x Dream Package FOR LIFE: Kjersta
1 x Gold Sponsorship FOR LIFE: ivor.nox
1 x Participation in designing an avatar: Laura
1 x Custom Avatar Space: Gothica Magnifica

Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you for supporting Furcadia!

Sweetheart Ball 2024

February is here, the time to celebrate all forms of love!

This means our annual Sweetheart Ball is just around the corner! Always our most highly-anticipated celebration of the year, here are the details of the 3 different nights of activities -- Single's Night, Friendship Night, and the Sweetheart Ball itself!

Visit Dream

Single's Night

All the single furries, now put your paws up! Rock your independence or flaunt your availability at the annual kick off to Valentine's; Single's Night! We're hosting a party for all you untied folks to come shake your tailfeathers, so put on your best and come strut your stuff!

When: Sunday, February 11th

Time: 4pm FST

Where: Sweetheart Castle Dream loaded in Danival's Winter Festival

Friendship Night

You've got a friend in me! It's time to celebrate all the bff's, besties, bro's, and buddies out there. Whether flying solo or happily paired, we all need those integral platonic relationships in our lives. Come honor these awesome folks with us as we shout out to all the amazing friends in the world!

This coming Friday is also Lunar New Year, so we'll be combining some fun activities into Friendship Night to celebrate the Year of the Ox!

When: Monday, February 12th

Time: 4pm FST

Where: Sweetheart Castle Dream loaded in Danival's Winter Festival

Sweetheart Ball

Te quiero, mi amor. We're looking for all the lovebirds out there to come celebrate with us at the annual Sweetheart Ball! Send a Valentine shout-out to your one and only, go on a romantic swoon boat ride, or show off your waltzing skills on the dance floor. Oh, and there's something about a wedding...

When: Thursday, February 15th

Time: 3pm FST

Where: Sweetheart Castle Dream loaded in Danival's Winter Festival

The Sweetheart Castle Dream will soon be available for your exploration, with all kinds of fun things to do including a swoonboat ride, bouncy castles, dance floor, and a super adorable community build!

Do you have a favorite way to express your admiration such as Chocolate, or Flowers? How about a frilly valentine? Maybe a lovely new collar for the more adventurous (woohoo!)? Whatever your fancy, we have everything you need to spoil your favorite person (or people!) now available on Digo Market!

Furcadia and Further Confusion '24

Exciting news! Furcadia staff will be at the upcoming Further Confusion: Pixelated convention, and would love to say hi to any attendees! We'll be hosting a retro pixel-art themed dream in the Vinca to keep the party going, during and after the con! That way anyone who can’t go can still enjoy meeting up with people who do get to go.

Keep in touch with others by joining the dedicated Pounce Group for Further Confusion to chat. Also, if you like commemorative items, we're offering an exclusive FurCon24 tag on Digo Market to let others know to look for you at the con!

Visit FurCon Dream!

Furcadia team members Dr. Cat / Felorin & Treeki / Ninji will be hosting a Furcadia themed panel Saturday 1/13/24 at 11am-12:30pm! Come attend and say hi!

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