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Turning Back the Clock on 2020

Across the lands the new year has come trundling in like an angry curcupine, unsettling the balance and instilling uncertainty and fear into the hearts and minds of Kasurians near and far. The Dragon, growing more dismayed as the tumultuous weeks have unfolded, has taken it upon his/herself to provide a much needed respite from the chaos for all within The Dreaming.

Taking a deep breath inwards, The Dragon conjures the image of a far more cheerful time within its minds eye; a time truly not so far passed, but feeling of an eternity. Heaving a great sigh, the magic springs forth in a gust from The Dragon's maw, cascading through The Dreaming as a swirling, sparkling mist upon the ground, obscuring the landscape for a brief moment.

As the haze clears, the distinct smell of peppermint and gingerbread furres suddenly permeates the air, and a thousand twinkling lights can be seen dancing upon the deep, freshly fallen snow. The sound of silver bells rings from a distance, nearly drowned out by the undeniable joyfilled laughter of furlings as they dart past in hats and scarves, snowballs flying haphazardly from mitted paws. What a sight to behold!

It is clear The Dragon has used its immeasurable power to return Kasuria to the blissful and carefree time of WinterFest 2019! Purrhaps a do-over of 2020 is just the thing to set everything to rights, no? ;)

St. Patrick's Day - Recap!

We celebrated St. Parick's Day 2020! Our annual event took place at Mycroft's Tavern, Meovanni. Here's a quick recap!

All our friends arrived in their bright green, orange and white colours too represent St Patricks day. It was great to see everyone in such bright and hopeful colours! We started the event with some good old "What's your Leprechaun name" where everyone got to find out their funny and weird names! If you missed it, you can still find out yours right here.

We then moved onto some St Parick's Day trivia! Participants had the chance to guess the correct answer to win themselves some some nifty prizes! After the guessing game and learning fun new facts about St. Patrick's, we ended the event with some limericks. Everyone got to share their favourites.

Here is a fun one! Try saying it fast! Smiley

A flea and a fly in a flue,
Were imprisoned, so what could they do?
Said the fly, "Let us flee!"
"Let us fly," said the flea,
And they flew through a flaw in the flue.

A fantastic event, and a big thank-you to everyone who came and helped out!

St. Patty's Day!

Erin go Bragh!

Do you enjoy wearing green, drinking brew, and chasing tiny chortling green-clad furres for their pot of gold?! Of course you do, and we do too!

Drop on by ye olde Mycroft's Tavern in Meovanni this Tuesday, March 17th as the Eventers celebrate everything that is St. Patrick's Day.

Looking for something festive to wear to the party? Digo Market is chock full of awesome St. Patrick's Day deals on items and costumes!

Where: Mycroft's Tavern, Meovanni

When: Tuesday, March 17th

Time: 5pm FST

Sweetheart Ball!

February is here, the time to celebrate all forms of love!

This means our annual Sweetheart Ball is just around the corner! Always our most highly-anticipated celebration of the year, here are the details of the 3 different nights of activities -- Single's Night, Friendship Night, and the Sweetheart Ball itself!

Single's Night

All the single furries, now put your paws up! Rock your independence or flaunt your availability at the annual kick off to Valentine's; Single's Night! We're hosting a party for all you untied folks to come shake your tailfeathers, so put on your best and come strut your stuff!

When: Wednesday, February 12th

Time: 5pm FST

Where: Sweetheart Castle Dream loaded in Danival's Winter Festival

RSVP Here!

Friendship Night

You've got a friend in me! It's time to celebrate all the bff's, besties, bro's, and buddies out there. Whether flying solo or happily paired, we all need those integral platonic relationships in our lives. Come honor these awesome folks with us as we shout out to all the amazing friends in the world!

When: Thursday, February 13th

Time: 5pm FST

Where: Sweetheart Castle Dream loaded in Danival's Winter Festival

RSVP Here!

Sweetheart Ball

Te quiero, mi amor. We're looking for all the lovebirds out there to come celebrate with us at the annual Sweetheart Ball! Send a Valentine shout-out to your one and only, go on a romantic swoon boat ride, or show off your waltzing skills on the dance floor. Oh, and there's something about a wedding...

When: Saturday, February 15th

Time: 3pm FST

Where: Sweetheart Castle Dream loaded in Danival's Winter Festival

RSVP Here!

The Sweetheart Castle Dream will soon be available for your exploration, with all kinds of fun things to do including a swoonboat ride, bouncy castles, dance floor, and a super adorable community build!

Do you have a favorite way to express your admiration such as Chocolate, or Flowers? How about a frilly valentine? Maybe a lovely new collar for the more adventurous (woohoo!)? Whatever your fancy, we have everything you need to spoil your favorite person (or people!) now available on Digo Market!

Lunar New Year 2020!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year! Ready for a party? Come celebrate with cheeky rat-themed trivia, follow by our annual Dragon Dance through Furcadia at 4pm FST, complete with fireworks and fancy footwork.

2020 is the Year of the Rat so we encourage participants to come decked out in their squeakiest attire ready to skitter skitter in the new year! The fun kicks off in the Eventers Enclave of Naia Green; see you there!

What: Lunar New Year Trivia and Dragon Dance

Where: Starting in Naia Green

When: 4pm FST

ManedWuff Kindling!

Legs for daaaaays!

The ManedWuff struts it's stuff into Furcadia THIS Saturday, January 11th at 4pm FST in the Savannah area of The Wylde! That means the presale on DigoMarket will soon disappear, along with your chances to get the exclusive FOR LIFE desctag, so grab one up before they're gone!


When: Saturday, January 11, 2020.

Where: The Savannah area of The Wylde

Time: 4pm FST

[BTS] with Gherkin!

Today I decided to bring you something slightly different! In an attempt to spotlight some of the amazing and talented furres in Furcadia, I bring you Behind the Scenes (BTS)! Today we will be doing an artist spotlight. Recently, I have seen a lot of buzz and compliments to a particular artist's portraits, and decided to reach out!

I'm sure all of you have at least witnessed one portrait by Gherkin. Her portraits have a particular look and feel, and are easy to distinguish. I was lucky enough that she was willing to let us in on the secret to her style, and gave us a look at how she makes portraits! I hope you enjoy the article, and her description below.

When drawing pixel art I always use the pencil brush 1px in diameter (sometimes called binary tool). Admittedly, I make use of MSPaint for the majority of my work. I tend to occasionally use GraphicsGale for layering or animation. I like the simplicity of these programs, as after all, pixel art originally provided graphics for limited systems that couldn't cope with/ had no need for complicated visuals.

Naturally, I start out with a sketch. I like to 'block' out my work with bold colours in order to clearly define different parts of the subject/ object that I'm drawing. Starting with a clean, simple sketch like this helps me to produce much cleaner lineart.

Following this, I line the sketch in black to make it stand out. I also reduce the amount of 'blocking' colours now that I have lines in place. Doing this makes it easier for me to proceed with colouring without mistaking areas of the subject/ object that I'm drawing.

I proceed by laying flat colours as a base for shading. I start to add further details to the subject to be further embellished later.

As I begin to shade, I also alter the lineart with lighter colours to reflect light sources (indicated by green boxes). I use highly contrasting colours when shading to make my work pop. Colours that are too similar can make your work look fossilised or dull when used for shading. I blend colours manually and avoid using blurring tools as a matter of personal preference. Typically I use layers and opacity to help me blend colours (indicated by pink circle). I use analogous colours for blending to make the transition of colours as natural and soft as possible.

I finalise shading and add further details give more depth to the subject, such as adding definition to inner lineart on the hair or blending out shading in certain areas.

Finally, I add a background. I tend to stick to simple backgrounds when I draw Furcadia portraits because I usually take up a lot of space focusing on the character in question and don’t want to crowd the work too much.

Wow! You can see all the hard work she puts into her portraits, but the results are stunning! Thank you so much for taking time to share with us, Gherkin!

If you would like to recommend someone's talent, or even your own, feel free to send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I would love to hear about all the amazing talent and be able to share with everyone.

Server Outage Retrospective: Buried in Cookies!

Remember our server issues a few weeks back? We wanted to share a retrospective with you that recounts the events.

We hope you enjoy Kitasu's look behind the technical scene. :)

Read it here!

Festive Firs!

Annual Winter Sales: Festive Firs!

It's time for our annual Winter Sales! This year we're having a 9 week outpouring of meowsome deals. Every single avatar will go on sale (up to 70% off!), with different ones every week -- so watch for your favorites!

Christmas trees, in all their colorful seasonal brilliance, are one of the most recognizable holiday symbols, so this year every avatar special comes with a fancy gift to you: a super trendy Festive Firs ornament desctag! Each week will feature a different beautiful ornament tag to collect, so you can festive up your description and be your own Christmas tree!

These desctags are FOR LIFE and exclusive to this sale. It's the only chance to get them!

A special seasonal treet!

Speaking of being your own Christmas tree... that's a great idea! The holiday spirit is thriving this year, so as an added bonus we have a special surprise for you -- the FurreFir! Don't just wear a sweater with a tree on it, BE the tree yourself!

Collecting 3 or more different ornaments in this year's sales will snag you a full year of this fancy avatar, or jingle ALL the way with the fabulous FurreFir FOR LIFE by collecting 7 or more unique Festive Firs ornaments! The one stipulation is that they must all be attached to the same character (not account) to qualify. Until February 15, 2020, you can request a transfer for any ornament desctag by submitting a support ticket at The tags cannot be transferred after that date.

*The FurreFir will be awarded to all qualifying players at the end of the Winter Sales in February

Get your Festive Firs finery here!

Week 1 Maple Leaf
Week 2 Bauble
Week 3 Mouse King
Week 4 The Dragon
Week 5 Stocking
Week 6 Tree Star
Week 7 Rockinghorse
Week 8 Icicle
Week 9 Pinecone

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