The Kids Stuff page is designed to give younger players a brief tutorial on Furcadia teaching them things such as: Furcadia's rules, how to ask for help in-game and identify our Beekin Volunteers, as well as helpful hints on staying safe while playing Furcadia.

Beekin the Help Dragon
Hello! Welcome to Furcadia! I'm Beekin the Help Dragon and I'm here to help your learn how to play Furcadia safely!

When you first make a new character and enter Furcadia, you will be in the Welcome Dream.

Welcome Dream

If you don't end up there you can click this link and it will open Furcadia and take you there. The Welcome Dream is a great place to learn how to play Furcadia. I'm in there and I lead you through a tutorial that tells you how to play.

Beekin the Help DragonShhh! I'm not a real person though and I can't answer your questions. A real person will "whisper" you right after you get there. This person is a Beekin Welcomer and they can answer all your questions and help you learn how to play. If you don't find a Welcomer right away, you can type "Help I need a welcomer please" into the little box at the bottom of the screen and then press enter. You can also type: help I'm new!


Welcomers have a tag you can see when they "whisper" you that looks like this:

Welcomer Beekin

After you go through the tutorial, you will know how to walk around and talk to others. You will see a lot of other little animal characters walking around. These are all being run by real people sitting at computers, somewhere in the world. If you click on them, you can read their descriptions and see if they are someone you want to try to talk to. Try saying hello and that you are new! Most Furcadians are happy to answer questions, but don't worry if someone doesn't answer. They may just not be looking at their screen right then. We call this AFK.

The B Tab

There are a lot of fun things to do in Furcadia! You can make friends, join clubs, make your own house or pretend to be anything you want to be with others. A good place to play when you first start is Naia Green. You get there by pressing the "N" button on tab "B".

Tab C There are a lot of Beekins there that can help you learn how to play. After you get used to things you will want to play on other maps or your own dream. To make your own dream, you can open the editor by pressing the "Dream Editor" button on tab "C".

Just like in the real world, there are all kinds of people in the game and some will be nice and some will be mean. If someone says something that's mean, you don't have to play with them. Just type ignore and their name and you won't have to hear them. Type: ignore <name> You can also right click them, and choose Ignore.


Beekin the Help Dragon Even in Furcadia, there are rules that you need to know and follow. These rules are so that the game is fun for everyone to play. There are many rules you can see here, but below are the main ones you need to know to play.

1. Keep your language nice and don't say bad words.
2. Don't use all capital letters or repeat the same thing over and over.
3. Be nice on main maps. If you want to play fight with someone, go to your own dream.
4. Don't say naughty words or repeat things you don't understand and think might be bad.
5. If someone tells you to stop bothering them, you need to stop and don't talk to them anymore.
6. Don't stand in places that block other furres from walking or getting to dreams.
7. You are in charge in your own dream. You can eject furres if they are not playing how you want. Please don't call Guardians to get furres out of your dream.
8. You can't pretend to be a Beekin, or Furcadia staff, or police.
9. If you find something that breaks Furcadia, you must tell the Beekins and not anyone else.
10. If a Guardian, with his badge on, tells you what to do, you must do it.
11. Leave any dreams where it looks like you shouldn't be there or someone makes you uncomfortable.
12. If you are under 15 years old you can't buy items on Digo Market. Your parents must buy them for you.

Beekin the Help Dragon Here's a few other important things you should know about:

It's very important that any place on the Net, you do not give anyone your personal information. These are things like your phone number, your address, your passwords or your last name. You can tell people your first name and what state or country you live in as long as it's ok with your parents.
If someone says something icky to you that makes you feel uncomfortable, go away from them right away [Go to Naia or close the game] and call a Guardian for help. You can also ask your parents to help you. If a Guardian can't be found, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell them what happened. Guardians have a little tag in their description that looks like this: Type: help I need a Guardian!
If you are feeling very grumpy or tired, it's probably best not to play. It's harder to follow rules when you feel this way. You can always log off the game and work on your dream or go play in real life.
The Consent Rule just means that if someone tells you your character has to do something, is going to die, or any other roleplay situation that you don't like, you can tell them "no" and what they say doesn't have to happen. If it's in their dream, you may want to leave.
Remember that not just you, but your parents are also in charge of what you do in Furcadia. Don't do things they would not want you to do or that might get them in trouble too. These are things like taking their credit card and ordering stuff or using their password when you don't have their permission.

Beekin the Help Dragon Furcadia is a great place to make friends and have fun creating cool stuff, but we want you to be safe and not get in trouble, so be sure to follow all the rules and talk to your parents about what you are doing! If you don't understand any of these things, ask your parents for help or a Beekin on Furcadia. Like we say in Furcadia, Happy Dreaming! :)

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