The Dragon

The Primes

After The Dragon, The Primes are the most powerful beings in Furcadia. Most of them are ancient; they are the ones who made time, space, color, and so forth. They are also patrons of various aspects of life, such as luck or food or childbirth. They are all The Dragon's children.

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    2. Primordial Primes
    3. Lesser Primes
    4. Dark Primes
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    4. Notes about Quarter-Primes

1. About the Primes

There are two kinds of Primes, Light Primes and Dark Primes. The Light Primes are good and friendly to all Furres, while the Dark Primes are evil and manipulative to all Furres. The Light Primes are very ethical and moral; they believe that Furres should be left to their own as much as possible. The Dark Primes, on the other hand, view all mortals as their playthings and will sometimes try to get Furres to follow or even worship them.

Primes aren't mythical beings or legends, but sometimes so much time goes by since the last sighting that some Furres may doubt their existence. The good Primes just smile at this, but the evil Dark Primes resent disbelief.

Light Primes insist that they aren't deities, and they don't want to be worshiped or arbitrarily obeyed. Furres generally treat the Light Primes the way most modern people treat the classical Greek/Roman gods: as symbols, inspiration for virtue and the arts. The evil Dark Primes, on the other hand, like being able to influence Furres, and they encourage secret cults in their honor.

For an account of the Light Primes and Dark Primes, see Of Clouds and Wyrmmes, and also Second Wyrmmes.

2. A List of the Primes

There are 21 Light Primes, but the five best-known ones are called the Five Exalted Primes. These are the ones that The Dragon told to make the Furres. The other Light Primes are the 7 Primordial Primes and 9 Lesser Primes.

The 13 Dark Primes were driven out of the Dragon's palace after a treacherous attempt to usurp the Dragon's place and power. It is said that the Dark Primes' influences are strengthened by fear but are weakened by beauty.

The Five Exalted Primes

ChimChim, Lord of Luck, Prime of Rodents

DanivalDanival, Lady of Beauty, Prime of Mustelines

ReegarrReegarr, Lord of Strength, Prime of Canines

M'RillM'Rill, Lady of Agility, Prime of Felines

PatriliusPatrilius, Lord of Wisdom, Prime of Equines

The Seven Primordial Primes

Wevvin and SekWevvin and Sek, Lords of Space, Primes of Translocation

ThelcodaThelcoda, Lady of Calendars, Prime of the Sphere of Time

AhrothAhroth, Lord of Hills, Prime of Earth

ViverravusViverravus, Lord of Complexity, Prime of Weather

SyndiraSyndira, Lady of Cloth, Prime of Colors

AristayaAristaya, Lady of Imagination, Prime of Dreams

The Nine Lesser Primes

LicharraLicharra, Lady of Skies, Prime of Flight and Reptiles

JeltanaJeltana, Lady of Offspring, Prime of Childbirth

DahlseaDahlsea, Lady of Seas, Prime of Ships and Fishes

ScarlongScarlong, Lord of Shields, Prime of War

SaligorSaligor, Lord of Feathers, Prime of Avians

JujinkaJujinka, Lady of Green, Prime of Love

GavilGavil, Lord of Metals, Prime of Swords

JemmionJemmion, Lord of the First Moon, Prime of the Night

BeekinBeekin, the Help Dragon

The Thirteen Dark Primes

TelcodarTelcodar, Lord of Caves, Dark Prime of Frenzy

DrossiferDrossifer, Lord of Flies, Dark Prime of Loneliness

PeristanePeristane, Lord of Claws, Dark Prime of Slavery

SuffrithSuffrith, Lady of Disasters, Dark Prime of Gluttony and Lust

Taglinn TighTaglinn Tigh, Lord of Nightmares, Dark Prime of Fear

LokiraLokira, Lady of Cruelty, Dark Prime of Pain

ChatengoChatengo, Lord of Treachery, Dark Prime of Despair

NareethaNareetha, Lady of Death, Dark Prime of Sorrow

ErigonErigon, Lord of Poisons, Dark Prime of Murder

Dyarr/DyarraDyarr/Dyarra, Lord/Lady of Confusion, Dark Prime of Lies

GreydarkGreydark, Lord of Broken Things, Dark Prime of Destruction

MirmogginMirmoggin, Lord of Bones, Dark Prime of All Undead

TallusTallus, Lord of Prophecies, Dark Prime of Thieves

3. The Exalted Primes

These are the five Primes who were ordered by the Dragon to create the Furre in their own image.


Lord of Luck, Prime of Rodents

Chim is a jovial mouse with the demeanor of a gambler: capable of a "poker" face, able to face losses and wins with equal good grace. He has a wonderful sense of humor and poetic justice, with a Renaissance fair flavor to him.

He is the patron of play, both for fun, and as practice for future activities. He represents Community, and the annual Trade Fair is held in his honor.
Object Form: Piece of cheese that never grows smaller
Symbol: A yellow hexagon / cube with black dots


Lady of Beauty, Prime of Mustelines

Danival is a musteline who values aesthetics and doesn't tolerate the inharmonious, the lazy, or the indulgent.

She is also the patroness of cleanliness. Music and dance are two of her favorite things. It is said that she and Chim play ball together.

She represents Creations on Furcadia, and the Winter Festival is held in her honor.
Object Form: A fur brush
Symbol: A green dragonfly with a fur brush silhouette for its body


Lord of Strength, Prime of Canines

Reegarr is a lone, somewhat wild wolf with a romantic ideal. Despite having a daring and devil-may-care attitude, he is the patron of being responsible. He would never let a friend down; he stands for honor and promises fulfilled.

He is the mascot of Roleplay and the annual Wolf Howl Festival is held in his honor.
Object Form: A thin sword
Symbol: A lightning-bolt sword


Lady of Agility, Prime of Felines

M'Rill, a slightly unusual feline, is the only one of the five Exalted Primes who would 'get in trouble'. Her adventures are tales of daring, stealing items of power or value, but only from villains and despots. She enjoys a good scrap, fighting against enormous odds. There's a touch of the rebel in her, the aloof independence of a cat who would never simply follow an order.

M'Rill represents the Digo Market and the Festival Of The Sun is held in her honor.

Object Form: A clawed blue glove
Symbol: Eye with a tattoo


Lord of Wisdom, Prime of Equines

Stately Patrilius is the horse who drinks deeply from the waters of wisdom. The other Exalted Primes oftentimes defer to him to resolve their disputes. He delights in created beauty and is the patron of decorative arts, such as painting and sculpting.

Marble carvings of him stand in learning establishments. Twin busts of Patrilius and Reegarr decorate courthouses and libraries, symbolizing justice and righteous retribution, respectively. He is the mascot of the Forums.

Object Form: A scroll
Symbol: A black-outlined scroll

4. The Primordial Primes

These were the first seven of the Dragon's eggs to hatch.

Wevvin and SekWevvin and Sek

Lords of Space, Primes of Translocation

Wevvin and Sek, the cheetah twins, were the first to hatch and are therefore the oldest Primes. With their hatching, they created the fabric of Space, the existence of Near and Far.

When they laid down the blank fabric of the realities, they also created the magic that allows Primes to teleport just by willing themselves to a location.

Wevvin is very picky and fastidious, while Sek is sleepy and forgetful.

Object Form: A bow and arrow - Sek is the bow, Wevvin is the arrow
Symbol: An arrowhead


Lady of Calendars, Prime of the Sphere of Time

Thelcoda stands as the authoress of Time. Ageless and knowing, it is only natural that Patrilius would become wise through her careful tutelage.

Her wings are webbed with colorful strands of light and her scales are all different shifting rainbow colors.

She is the dragon that recently brought the Wyrmmes back to Kasuria, through the sands of time. She is often referred to as The Sunrider.

Object Form: A pocketwatch
Symbol: The hand of a clock


Lord of Hills, Prime of Earth

Ahroth, a Kirin, created Matter and shaped the worlds themselves, thus his title as the Maker of Lands. He has a special liking for hills and those who respect the earth.

His power actually resides in his magnificent, flowing beard instead of his oddly short tail.

Fey Folk honor him above most other Primes, calling him Bearded Father, as he, along with Jujinka, is responsible for their creation.
Object Form: A Bonsai
Symbol: A tree


Lord of Complexity, Prime of Weather

Viverravus is a weasel known as the crafter of sunsets and sunrises, and the sculptor of clouds.

He is the controller of all forms of weather, including snow, sunshine, rain, heat, thunder, wind, lightning, fog, hail, and tornadoes.

His is the power to fracture himself into myriad copies. He originally created Complexity.
Object Form: A storm cloud, or a sealed box
Symbol: A lightning bolt with raindrops


Lady of Cloth, Prime of Colors

Syndira is a graceful ferret with a line of rainbow colors across her cheeks instead of the usual ferret mask.

She is a gentle, sophisticated soul, known for having brought Sight and Color to the world.

Butterflies flock about her shoulders in a delicate shawl of dazzling colors and shapes, as she is their creator.

She offers assistance in creating crafting masterpieces, for she is the patroness of all textiles.
Object Form: A needle, or scissors
Symbol: A butterfly


Lady of Imagination, Prime of Dreams

Aristaya is a unicorn, known as the creator of Imagination.

She often appears in dreams, giving the dreamer a sense of peace, therefore she is frequently called the Granter of Restful Sleep.

Descendants of her Half-Prime progeny are still devoted to destroying devotees of her arch-enemy, the Dark Prime Taglinn Tigh.
Object Form: A paintbrush
Symbol: A paintbrush

5. The Lesser Primes


Lady of Skies, Prime of Flight and Reptiles

Licharra, a bat, is a master of aerial maneuvering with her large leathery wings. She originally created Motion.

She was also the main creator Prime behind the Wyrmmes, who were the first sentients. These primitive saurians were destroyed by the Dark Primes, though Thelcoda brought them back later on. To honor the memory of the Scale People, Licharra wears a gown of scales.
Object Form: Compass
Symbol: A swirl of wind


Lady of Offspring, Prime of Childbirth

Jeltana is a tall canine with very long fur, round belly, and full breasts. The innocent 'Lings hold her highest esteem and matronly love.

She is very in tune with nature and many of the plants used in the potions she brews are twisted into her long hair. Her specialty is in magically imbuing certain herbs with the magic that permits Furres of different Order or Species to produce fertile offspring.

Object Form: Magical herbs, sometimes a swirling potion
Symbol: A potion swirl


Lady of Seas, Prime of Ships and Fishes

Dahlsea is a merhorse clothed in sheets of sea spray, her hide and mane opalescent. She carries a hooked pike, a common fisher's tool for hauling nets, and is the mascot of Allegria Island.

She looks fondly on adventurous seafarers, helping to guide ships across treacherous waters. Fisherfurres sometimes tie shiny tokens to their fishnets with the hopes of her granting a bounteous catch. Fishes of all varieties trail her, following in the wake of wherever she swims.
Object Form: A hooked pike
Symbol: The hooks of a pike


Lord of Shields, Prime of War

Scarlong is a majestic lion of gold with large protective wings and wears silver and red armor.

As a valiant defender of the weak and helpless, many lords and kings choose to emulate his image and ideals. Armies, especially in defense, look up to him for inspiration in times of conflict and war.

He is the patron of guards and mercenaries who live by a code of honor.
Object Form: A large shield
Symbol: A shield


Lord of Feathers, Prime of Avians

Saligor is a lion-eagle Gryffe and is the patron of riding creatures. During the time of the First Wyrmmes, he was originally a lion. Then he merged with the hawk Peristane in order to defeat the Witchqueens. When the battle was over and they split apart again, their leonine and avian features had mixed.

He is responsible for having fashioned both flightless and winged birds. The giant birds, however, are said to be gifts from the Dark Prime Peristane.
Object Form: A bridle
Symbol: A talon


Lady of Green, Prime of Love

Jujinka is a fox no taller than a hand, and became non-speaking when she shrank down to the size of a small bird. She is venerated as the wild creator of the greenery, and her visits cause growth among plants. Fey Folk honor her and Ahroth above all other primes, calling her the Green Mother.

As the Prime of both romantic and sexual Love, she is usually depicted as sprinkling magical kitterdust on the heads of the enamored. The annual Spring Festival is held in her honor.
Object Form: A butterfly, or a flower
Symbol: A flower


Lord of Metals, Prime of Swords

Gavil is a blacksmith wearing a heavy apron hung with a smith's tools. As the patron of mechanical innovation, he symbolizes efficiency and straightforward design in the building of machinery among craftsfurres.

He is responsible for having made much of the Primes' weaponry and armor, such as Reegarr's lightning-bolt sword, M'Rill's flying daggers, and Scarlong's shield.
Object Form: A warhammer, sometimes an anvil
Symbol: An anvil


Lord of the First Moon, Prime of the Night

Jemmion is a youthful tiger, sometimes called Sky Prince and Smile of the Night. He is patron of those who live on the seashores, ruler of the tides, and patron of pets. Jemmion also made some birds able to mimic speech. He has a large menagerie park in The Dreaming.

Jemmion is one of the youngest Primes; the others call him Little Brother. The Rameen Festival, which takes place annually on the first night of the 8th full moon, is held in his honor.
Object Form: A leash
Symbol: A moon


the Help Dragon

Beekin was charged with guiding spirits to and from Earth (the Waking World) to Yezaad (The Dreaming). Few Primes are as kind as Beekin, who is a friend to all.

He's green, purple, and sweet, helping the Welcomers to provide other players with assistance. As the Prime in charge of helping players with the many questions or troubles they have, he is the mascot of the Volunteer Help Program and Naia Green.

Object Form: A beacon of light
Symbol: A question mark

6. The Dark Primes

The Dark Primes were driven out of the Dragon's palace after a treacherous attempt to usurp the Dragon's place and power. It is said that the Dark Primes' influences are strengthened by fear but are weakened by beauty.


Lord of Caves, Dark Prime of Frenzy

Telcodar is a rat whose claws are extremely long, thin, and slightly curved, earning him the title of Shatter-claws.

Ultimately he seeks to dig underneath the world and destroy it with quakes. He assists nihilists and those who have lost control of themselves.
Object Form: A pickaxe, or brass knuckle claws
Symbol: A beetle


Lord of Flies, Dark Prime of Loneliness

Drossifer is a cat with dark green fur and a segmented tail tipped with a stinger.

He begets Unmentionable Ones upon mortal creatures. Those born of Furres look like Furres with the heads of a fly. His favored haunts are swamps, the bleaker the better.
Object Form: A pair of rusty scissors
Symbol: Insect wings


Lord of Claws, Dark Prime of Slavery

Peristane is a lion-hawk Gryffe with only one eye and his right wing. He is all black and has long cat claws.

He took some of Saligor's birds and made the Ostrixes and the Scarhawks. He gave them unto his four Half-Prime sons. Then he disguised himself as a mortal, and attempted to make himself emperor of ancient Taigorr. His longevity eventually betrayed his supernatural nature, and the evil Undying Emperor was discovered and driven out by the hero Mouse Rembion and the heroine Horse Mare Naborrah. Peristane made a second attempt to rule Taigorr, fathering four new sons. This time he was thwarted this time by the Prime Reegarr, who tore off Peristane's left wing and put out his eye.

Legend has it that he rides a flaming chariot drawn by four Diatrymas.
Object Form: A whip, or a crown
Symbol: A whip or chain


Lady of Disasters, Dark Prime of Gluttony and Lust

Suffrith is a voluptuous Furrabian horse, adorned with many trinkets and decoration.

She tries to sell potions of fertility to poor womenfurres. The mother then bears many times more children than she can feed, and these babies are ravenously hungry, yet very slender.

She encourages compulsive gambling, recklessness, and self-delusion.
Object Form: A large, ornate goblet with smoke curling out of it
Symbol: Spade and a horseshoe

Taglinn Tigh

Lord of Nightmares, Dark Prime of Fear

Taglinn Tigh is a panther Djinn with a smokey lower body, and four extremely strong arms. He is bare except for gold bangles on his arms, ears, and wrists. His chest has eight holes in the ribs, through which can be seen roiling, glowing fog. Breathing the tendrils of this vapor causes fright to the point of paralysis.

Despite his nature, it is said that he has fathered numerous Half-Primes, and takes a special interest in their upbringing. He is the arch enemy of the Prime Aristaya. Some believe him to be the most powerful of the Dark Primes.
Object Form: A bottle of black ink
Symbol: Vapor


Lady of Cruelty, Dark Prime of Pain

Lokira is a Kitsune with dark blue skin, glowing white eyes, and nine long tails. She is tall and very slim with a narrow waist and bony hips; she dresses in glistening dark armor.

She incites conflicts and conspires to make natural conflicts blossom into wars.
Object Form: A Spanish tickler (torture device)
Symbol: Swords crossed


Lord of Treachery, Dark Prime of Despair

Chatengo is an otter with large white eyes, in tattered clothes dripping with seaweed and coated with barnacles.

He was cast out of the Primes as punishment for drowning the Prime Nareetha. He delights in all manner of betrayal: unfaithfulness in love or war.

His personality is shattered into her two Aspects, Amoi and Enmoi. Amoi insists that love means promising anything to ensure the cooperation of the beloved, and that love can be bargained for, and rightfully earned. Enmoi does not believe that love exists, and is forever attempting to cheat the other Primes.
Object Form: A rope
Symbol: His sigil


Lady of Death, Dark Prime of Sorrow
Nareetha is a hyena in bridal garments. She usually stands silent at Chatengo's side.

Her song is a terrible wail that causes unbearable headache and makes it hard to think. When she appears at an an assembly of the Dark Primes, she is usually gagged with something like a white bandage.
Object Form: A lily, or a wedding veil
Symbol: A lily


Lord of Poisons, Dark Prime of Murder
Erigon is a courtly, mild-mannered hare of nervous demeanor. His fur is gray and he wears half a dozen rings. His breath is poisonous.
Object Form: A flask
Symbol: A triangular ring


Lord/Lady of Confusion, Dark Prime of Lies
Dyarr is an androgynous lizard in a long cloak that drags on the ground. The Wyrmmes were their favored people, but were destroyed by lava, earthquakes, and tidal waves, in a disaster brought about by Dark Primes Tallus, Telcodar, and Chatengo.

Dyarr was upset when the Dragon did not permit their re-creation, but instead, ordered the Furres to be made. Dyarr conspired with Erigon, and they brought the Dragon a wine that caused it to sleep. Then Dyarr took on the Dragon's guise. They told Thelcoda and Licharra to make new Wyrmmes. They might have succeeded, but Chim and Patrilius were suspicious of the order. Together they created an orb, called the Second Moon, and its light stripped away Dyarr's illusion. The Primes were so angry at the deception that they tore off Dyarr's wings. When the Dragon awoke, He/She cast Dyarr out of the Dreaming.
Object Form: A half mask
Symbol: A mask


Lord of Broken Things, Dark Prime of Destruction
Greydark is a wolf, haggard and white, with sinister facial markings. He has occasional moments of lucidity, in which he is wracked by remorse, and sometimes tries to restore things, but most of the time he devotes his cool intellect to trying to destroy coherency of reality.

Objects in his vicinity will begin to decay and break down. Furres will age at a frightening rate the closer they get to him.
Object Form: A large mace, or a broken lock
Symbol: A broken lock


Lord of Bones, Dark Prime of Cannibalism
Mirmoggin is a bulky and muscular black bear with staring eyes.

He is usually chained down by the other Dark Primes in the Vault of Dread, a room that is a tiny universe of its own. Many of them despise or hate him for having devoured various Half-Prime children.
Object Form: A stone-age style hammer, or broken bones
Symbol: A shattered skull


Lord of Prophecies, Dark Prime of Thieves

Tallus is a ghost-like squirrel, wrapped in cloth from head to toe. He is said to be able to see the future all the way up until a final battle, whose outcome he doesn't know. His name is used in phrases like "Tallus only knows".

Eyes of Tallus refers to the stars, for after he was torn apart by the Viveravvus, the Dragon placed the fragments in the sky. Some astrologers believe that the power to see the future via horoscopes came from Tallus's shattered body.

He has recently been reformed.
Object Form: A large bag of rune stones
Symbol: Stars in a pattern

7. More About the Powers of the Primes

All magic of the world depends upon the Primes. It was they who first taught Furres to use incantation, gesture, focus of mind, and substances to unlock the energies they themselves contain.

Each Prime has the custody of a different portion of the many worlds, and is most powerful in their own pocket universe. Manifesting in a Furre world takes great energy, and when it is depleted, the Prime must return to their own place. This is why the Dark Primes don't rule directly over furres they have bullied into submission.

Shapeshifting for Primes is not unlimited. Their ability to shapeshift is limited to five specific types of forms:

1. Luminous Form
The initial state of a Prime. It's a generic bipedal winged animal shape formed of light. Dark Primes have Dark Forms, which are ghostly dark wraith-like apparitions.

2. August Form
Standing roughly seven feet tall, August Forms are bipedal winged animal shapes built for fighting, and tend to have their special carried weapon. The statues of Primes are usually August Forms draped in togas.

3. Bestial Form
This is a horse-sized quadrupedal shape whose purpose is swift travel.

4. Avatar Form
This is the incognito shape of a Prime impersonating a mortal. Avatar forms usually have characteristics similar to the August Form, but modified to be inconspicuous. Avatar forms are somewhat consistent and never arbitrary, always aesthetically appropriate to their role and abilities.

5. Object Form
Every Prime has an Object Form, in which it takes the shape of a relatively ordinary common thing. The object appears normal yet may have odd properties. It is said that Object Forms are the shape in which the Dragon kept Primes in the pockets of its robes.

Some Notes on Dark Primes

If a Dark Prime's specific identity is guessed, he or she loses the ability to use power upon, or directly harm that person-- this is a plot device to keep their influence subtle.

Dark Primes are ALWAYS evil. So are their Half-Prime children. They are not merely misunderstood or mean, they are the ultimate villains of Furcadia. A Dark Prime who is kind to a Furre always has an ulterior motive.

A Note About Half-Primes

Primes once begot children with mortal Furres, and their offspring were called Half-Primes. Many of the founders of Great Houses claimed to be Half-Primes, or were proclaimed such after their deaths. After the Dark Prime Peristane attempted to take over the world, the Dragon forbade the Primes to beget any more Half-Primes. There are NO Half Primes permitted in the Furcadia game. Also, Primes and Dark Primes are not capable of producing offspring with other Primes or Dark Primes.

A Note About Quarter-Primes

Very rarely occurring, Quarter-Primes are Furres who have unique abilities due to being Half-Primes' descendants. Once in a very long time, a Quarter-Prime Furre descended of the Half-Primes might also be born with wings, considered an omen of good fortune in Kasuria.These long-lived individuals sometimes have a form of telepathy: the ability to transmit speech, thought, and emotion. The ability is hereditary, that is, the children of those strong in "Mindspeaking" would also tend to be strong.

This is a restricted advantage. To play a quarter-prime officially, your character must be equipped with the light or dark quarter prime desctag. This can be obtained through Digo Market raffles and Furcadia events.

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