Mages and Shamans


A Mage is a sapient being from Kasuria that is able to use and manipulate the energy and power that comes from within them. Being a Mage means that you may have spells, which are Skills that only Mages can have. Magic is inherited, and most mages come from extensive, pure bloodlines. However it is not terribly uncommon for characters that do not come from magical families, to have magical abilities.

Magical effects performed spontaneously are very temporary. It takes a ritual to accomplish something permanent. Magical spells are performed with visible gestures and audible incantations. This process is easily interrupted by physical attacks, especially if accomplished with a missile weapon such as a thrown dagger. A spell gives others plenty of time to notice, cross the room, and attack. A spell may be used 3 times per day.

  • Magical power is inherited, and mage bloodlines are tracked more zealously than nobility. However, some Furres from non-magic bloodlines have been known to produce magic.
  • Magical families are very concerned about being pureblood, and Furlings who are the product of an illegitimate, mixed blood affair are often ridiculed as “Magesports”.
  • It is treason for mages to not document any offspring they produce, and half-blood Furlings are often killed. Many Magesport Furres flee to Harshlaw.
  • Magic is an incredibly exhausting practice, as energies come from within a Furre, rather than using the environment like Drakorians.
  • The magic of Kasuria is more mechanistic and refined, and doesn't have an
    accent on any form of belief or emotion. It's based on esoteric symbollist theories.

Concerning Aging: Aging (getting older) can be accomplished temporarily by a Mage, and permanently by an Alchemist's potion.

In Drakoria, this may be done to a tribal or court heir so that they will be "of-age". Drakorians practice trial-by-combat, and although the royalty are allowed many luxuries and protections, a champion in a duel isn't one of them!

It's frowned upon in Kasurian society to do this to a child, because it is seen as irrevocably robbing them of years of their life. Because their mind doesn't mature normally; they'll still be an immature person in an adult body, impulsive and lacking the amount of skill and experience their peers possess. Conditions under which it might be acceptable include the following: when preparing for a dire invasion by deadly enemies, when protecting a child from a deadly enemy, or as a treatment for a disease that would be deadly to a child but not so harmful to an adult. (Potions don't work in the Olde World, so they don't have to deal with the question at all.)

Mages can perform a very temporary Youthing spell-- but the Alchemists have not yet come up with a permanent Youthing potion. As you can imagine, such a discovery would be valuable, indeed.


A mage from Drakoria is called a Shaman, and they have very different traditions than the Kasurian Mages. Shamans have different spells than mages because they are learned in secret schools called the "Colleges of Shadows." These three organizations are known to their members as the School of Corruption, the School of Darkness, and the School of Dark Bindings.

Magical talent is somewhat hereditary, and they make a big deal out of arranging marriages between their secret bloodlines.

  • There's a widespread belief that the effectiveness of a magical spell is linked to the
    psychological self-discipline of the caster.
  • It is considered blasphemy to suggest that the current spells, magic, and methods may not be correct or the most effective.
  • Stories and tales about Kasurian magic are highly forbidden.
  • Slaves are not allowed to use magic. If they possess it, they are usually immediately killed.
  • Authentic Drakorian magic is very "tribal" or "stone age" in feel. Relying on herbalism, as plants contain magical properties.
  • Compared to Kasurians, Drakorians are very superstitious. They have contempt
    for experimentation and research into how a spell works because their spells, as they've been taught, work just fine.

Examples of Mage/Shaman skills:

Color change, Gender Change, Magical Healing, Magical Harm, Morph into Scarhawk, Morph into Ostrix, Morph into Kiwi, Cure disease, Regeneration, Resurrection, Destroy, Water-breathing, Water Walking

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