Furcadia Standard Time

Furcadia ClockWhat is it?

Furcadia Standard Time, notated as FST, is the time continuum for Furcadia. All events and activities use FST to help everyone know when something will take place. This time "zone" is the same as Central Standard Time, USA, because that's where the office of Dragon's Eye Productions, Inc. is. Our community-wide events, listed on the Community Calendar, also display the time in FST.

To get the time on Furcadia just type time by itself when in-game. You can use certain DragonSpeak lines related to FST time in your own Dream, as well:

(0:101) When the time is #:# FST
(5:254) set message ~ to the current time in FST.
(5:322) set variable % to the current hour FST (in 24 hour format).
(5:323) set variable % to the current minute FST.
(5:325) set variable % to the current second FST.

Trivia: The Beekin Clock is featured in Naia Green announces the time to those nearby every half hour!

Beekin Clock

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