Bugges are a race of anthro, bipedal insects from Drakoria. They are slaves in Drakoria, but some have found refuge and safety in Kasuria.

Bugges are social insects, originally created by the Prime Jujinka to tend the Garden of Immortal Beauties. Their social structure is a hive, where only the Queen lays eggs. Bugge larvae resemble caterpillars, and they have the intelligence of a 7-year-old child.

Bugges are only fertile with other Bugges. There are a number of different colors of Bugge, and they tend to equate color with "hive" or "heraldry" rather than personal identity.

When living in an underground warren, only one Bugge, the queen, is fertile. Her subjects are both male and female. Bugges aren't interested in sex; the act of procreation is fatal for the male. They experience brotherly/sisterly love, and are fiercely loving when it comes to their children. Only one male fertilizes the queen, and she then lays hundreds of thousands of eggs. These are light dry spheres that keep for a long time. When they need to be hatched, they are soaked in a kind of special broth made by female Bugges. In a few days, they grow and hatch into larvae- caterpillar-like kids the mental equivalent of a human 7-year-old.

Under Imperial Drakorian rule, Bugge larvae are given to Furres to be slaves. True to the insect stereotype, most of them grow up very industrious. They tend to be kept away from weapons and are generally unaggressive.

Bugges raised under Kasurian rule, on the other hand, may be fed a special secretion from the wrist-glands of female Bugges, which their bodies concentrate, that makes the young ones grow larger, stronger, and more aggressive. These "soldiers" are very loyal to their elders, and sometimes a bit naive, as they retain a childlike perspective on the world.

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