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Cerdiere Kindling

Cerdiere (pronounced SAIR-deer) are an elusive, graceful, exceptionally tall type of Elvenfurre. They usually live along cliffs and other mostly uninhabited areas. However, there are known to be communities of Cerdiere in savanna and forest type climates, as well.

Scarce food and tough competition for resources keep everyone in their tribe focused on survival. Cerdiere family groups are reputed for challenging their members, from eldest to youngest, to personal and communal excellence. A harsh necessity of their environment: competition is not just about personal status, but survival -- to this end Cerdiere from a young age are taught self-reliance and skill mastery over boastful showmanship and laziness.

Although Cerdiere love friendly contests, they're also fiercely loyal to each other and their environment. Many of their traditions center on respecting their surroundings and leaving as little impact as possible.

Due to their strenuous daily life, Cerdiere are much sturdier in frame and more muscular than other Elvenfurres. Cerdiere often keep their hair shorter for practical reasons.

Some have unique antlers or horns, while others have none. The appearance of their horns/antlers is wide ranging, similar to those of deer, gazelles, or goats. The elders in the community sometimes have magnificent antlers to rival even their patron Light Prime, Ahroth!

Cerdiere hooves are small for their build, allowing them to be both light footed enough to walk with nary a trace, but also making them more surefooted than the average furre. Their wiry, strong legs that excel at jumping and running at high speed along uneven surfaces. They can easily scale nearly impassable cliffs and manage to find footholds in the smallest of crevices.

Rarely seen for most of the year, Cerdiere travel out into the more inhabited areas of Kasuria during spring time to see how Jujinka, one of their favorite Primes, has carpeted the lands in a natural splendor of colors, shapes and scents. If you ever wish to meet one of these elusive Elvenfurres, the spring festival may be your best chance to do so! You may also be interested in reading the official Roleplay story.

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