CreationsFox with a paintbrush

Creativity matters in Furcadia, and you can shape the world!

Instead of only being able to use what is provided by the gamemakers, in Furcadia players can create their very own content and share it with the community!

We provide you with powerful tools to weave your own Dream and make it a part of Furcadia! A Dream is a player-built environment whose size can range from a small, private home to a large, public map.

Furcadia comes bundled with a point-and-click Dream Editor, 2D graphics editors, and nifty scripting languages that are easier to learn than you think! Included is a meaty collection of objects, walls, decorations, floors, and other building blocks that you can use right away!

Prefer your own art? Not a problem! You can create and import your own objects and make something truly unique!

All of these tools are free, and ready to use right away!

  • New Hamkin!
  • Update 31a
  • Frisky Raffle
  • New Furrabia Nights
  • New Allegria Island

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