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There's lots to do in Furcadia! If you're a socializer, explore the main areas of Furcadia and jump into the many portals that lead to player-created clubs and hangouts! Visit the Groups Registry to find guilds and like-minded people from all over the worlds! You can even found your own Group and invite others!

Roleplaying is a highlight in Furcadia! Many Dreams feature elaborate, player-designed worlds with extensive art, lore, and continuities. Whatever style or setting tickles your fancy, there are places and establishments that will be right what you're looking for! The Groups Registry is also a great way to find organized RP groups! Furcadia comes bundled with a powerful Dream editor and an easy-to-learn scripting language, so you can even weave your very own world!

Events and creativity contests are regularly scheduled. Join in on and the fun, or display your fantastic creations to the community! Win prizes and recognition, and become known as the talented artist that you are!

  • New Hamkin!
  • Update 31a
  • Frisky Raffle
  • New Furrabia Nights
  • New Allegria Island

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