Submitting an Event

Are you hosting an event in Furcadia? You can have it advertised on Furcadia for free! Just make sure it meets the requirements for the News or Spice Channels. Even if it doesn't, it can still be added to the Community Calendar. Announcing your events on social media and tagging Furcadia gets you extra attention. We may cross post!

Channel Requirements:

  1. Submit at least 3 days before you want the event announced. We have to read it and add it to the system.
  2. Your event needs to be something many players might be interested in. Birthdays / weddings generally aren't accepted, though they can still go on the Calendar.
  3. Your event needs to be an actual activity. In other words, you can't just advertise something (e.g. a new dream opening) unless you have an event planned at a certain time when you will be there to host activities. We may also, at Staff discretion, advertise community web pages, tutorials, third party apps, etc.
  4. Events of a Spicier nature (in an M16+ through AO Dream) will be announced on the Spice Channel. All others will be announced on the News Channel.
  5. Set the announcement date and time for when the event starts, since you could have many players arrive all at once. However, you can mention in your email if you need more than one announcement.
  6. By sending us event info, you are also giving permission for your event to be advertised through other methods (Blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) at Furcadia staff discretion.
  7. For more information on hosting fun events you can read over the articles posted here.

How to Submit an Event:

Email the following information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and send an offline whisper to James or Kufky when you do, in case we miss your email!

Your Furcadia Name:

This character should be the Event host

Dream Name:

Where the Event will be held

Dream Standard:

Dream URL or location:

e.g. furc://DreamName

Event Date and Time:

Please include a time zone if different from Furcadia Time (which is US Central Time, GMT-6).


A public social media post or website with more information. The post should include the Character Name who the public can contact for more information.

Your news announcement:

Keep it to 200 characters or less, please. Grammar/spellcheck before submitting. We may adjust the message content.

Any notes or comments:

Good luck and have fun with your event!

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