The Guardians are a group of players who are the official "enforcers" of Furcadian rules and policies. They are friendly and willing to help, but should be treated with respect and not harassed unnecessarily as they are very busy while on duty. Remember, they are volunteers and receive no compensation, other than the thanks of the players, for the work they do. In Furcadia, you can whisper the ones listed for help with serious trouble. If there are no Guardians available, an Associate can also be called upon in an emergency. Pretending to be a Guardian or Guardian helper is not permitted.

The Silence Rule

The Silence Rule is a player's sole recourse when he or she is being harassed. This applies strictly to direct harassment (such as, but not limited to: directly speaking to, whispering to, or attempting to join/summon the player). The Silence Rule does not apply to rumors or slander. When the Silence Rule is applied, the player must be put on ignore and kept on ignore, and any initiation of contact by the one claiming harassment will invalidate their claim.

If you feel like another furre is harassing you, these are the steps to take to make them stop. You must follow them exactly.

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Basic Rules and Policies of Furcadia

Furcadia is all about tolerance and respect.

Our rules and policies are based on the expectation that most people don't join communities to get hassled, confronted with stressful situations, or have an unpleasant time. Originally, Furcadia didn't have rules other than "Get along with one another.", which is still the over-arcing principle. With growth came the necessity to spell out our policies in greater detail, but the spirit of "Treat others like you want to be treated" is ever present.

If you act in a way that would make you a welcome and cherished guest at a friendly party, a casual meeting with colleagues, or a family gathering, you won't ever bump into any issues with Furcadia's rules. If in doubt, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our rules and policies outlined and discussed HERE.

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Extra Help

For extra help should you feel your computer is under threat or you are dealing with harassment situations, technical problems and more useful to know information!

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