Furcadia Volunteer Policies and Agreements

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This document outlines the expectations volunteers of the Furcadia service are required to meet. It is the volunteer's responsibility to ensure that they completely read and fully understand the policies explained herein. If you are not certain whether you understand what is meant by the individual passages in this document, please contact your trainer, a council member, or an associate for clarification.

Volunteer members are volunteers and as such are not expected to work any particular schedules or number of hours. We appreciate any amount of help they provide to the game and community. They, also, do not generally receive any compensation of any kind for the services they provide. If, in rare cases, compensations are given in the form of "perks" or otherwise, it does not make the volunteer helpers employees, part-time contractors, or compensated staff. A member of the Beekin Helper program or anyone who agrees to help Furcadia in an official position is a volunteer (with exception of the Dragon's Eye core staff members). To learn more about the groups, please visit their individual pages.

All volunteers are required to be at least 13 years of age, or a parent must send written permission to the address below, in order to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Dragon's Eye Productions, Inc.
PO Box 1048 Round Rock, TX 78680-1048

Expected Behavior

  • Members of the Furcadia volunteer programs are Ambassadors at Large for Furcadia, the volunteer program and the group they belong to, and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly when dealing with the player base. This does not mean that you have to act in a special way when using your alternate furres (alts), however, you must follow the User Agreement in all your identities.
  • Volunteer members are not to discuss their abilities with anyone outside of the volunteer program at any time. If volunteers have access to special functions, provided for the volunteer task, the volunteer members are also not to flaunt or show-off their powers for others.
  • This includes booting friends at the request of a player, banning to demonstrate how it works, using their badge in arguments not related to their volunteer tasks, etc. Volunteer functions are only to be used for the purposes explained in the training program, and not for any other purpose.
    Volunteers may not abuse the volunteer commands and channels, save logs of channel activities and distribute these to non-volunteers, or take logs of internal volunteer meetings and give non-volunteers access to these materials or post them on the web.
  • Even though volunteer helpers are not required to work any particular number of hours, they must attend the initial Beekin classes and the recurring refreshing classes (approximately every six months). Volunteer helpers are also required to notify the group heads or the Beekin Administration of any changes of their e-mail addresses (this needs to be done via e-mail, not in whisper) and ensure that their registered e-mail addresses are fully functional as well as frequently checked.
  • Volunteers may not give anyone else access to their Furcadia volunteer characters, not even other volunteers, staff members, or family members. Volunteer members are fully responsible for their characters and everything that is being done and said through these characters.
  • Volunteers will need to complete all the required training and read all materials given them both at the time of initial training and later on. They are also required to ensure their supervisor has a current email address in which to contact them.
  • Volunteers are expected to show respect and politeness toward all players and other volunteers/staff members at all times, whether it is in their volunteer furre or as alternate characters.
    Any disagreements with other volunteers or staff members should be dealt with in private or amongst yourselves, and not in a public forum such as at public gatherings in-game, channels, boards, ICQ, etc. If the problem cannot be dealt with between you and the other party, bring the problem to the attention of a mentor/council member, an associate or a creator.
  • When posting on public message boards, please keep in mind that in the eyes of the players you represent Furcadia and your volunteer group as whole. Please do not speak for Furcadia, the volunteer program you belong to, or Dragon's Eye Productions without permission. If you feel the need to respond to a post in your position as volunteer program member, contact your trainer, a prime, a council member or a staff member for clarification, guidelines and feedback before doing so.
    Everything related to your volunteer task is considered confidential and not to be shared outside the volunteer/staff program unless otherwise stated. This includes, but is not limited to, anything you hear about in game, in the forum, and any documents you receive, including this one.


If a volunteer does not meet the minimum set of expectations, fails to treat the players in a proper, polite manner, or fails to conduct themselves according to the guidelines set in this policy document and the User Agreement, they will be counseled by another staff member.

If behavior is continued they may be removed from the volunteer program. This is a guideline. Depending on the nature and severity of a violation, other steps may be taken, including immediate removal from the volunteer program and/or review of the incident to determine what additional measures Dragon's Eye Productions may deem appropriate.

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