What is Art Party?

Art Party is a feature that lets you to be creative together with friends on Furcadia. You and everyone you invite can work simultaneously in the Fox Editor and create art!

You can also host a view only session so others can watch what you're doing without making changes themselves. This helps with showing others how to draw something, almost like live stream, but without needing a lot of bandwidth!

How Do I Get Started?

To start an Art Party with co-creators:

  1. Go to the C tab in your Furcadia window
  2. Click the Art Party button
  3. Invite at least one other person by right-clicking on another player
  4. Mouse-over Art Party from the menu, then select Artist
  5. Alternatively, use the command `art-party followed by the name of your friend, e.g. `art-party artsymcrabbit.

You can invite multiple players to your Art Party with the same method. Note that if you get too many active participants, the system may get a little unstable! Players that you invite need to confirm your party request.

To remove players from your Art Party:

  1. Right-click on their character
  2. Select Unparty from the menu.
  3. Alternatively, you can also type `unparty followed by the name of the player, e.g. `unparty crayonmuncher

The Art Party will continue, but without the player that you have asked to leave. Only the player who started an Art Party can remove others.

To invite a passive observer to your party:

  1. Right-click their character
  2. Select Watcher from the menu
  3. Alternatively, type `art-watcher followed by the player's character name, e.g. `art-watcher peepingkitten

Art watchers can't change the content of the canvas, but they can see everything that you, and other party players who you have invited to your Art Party, do.

To end an Art Party:

  1. Go to the C tab in your Furcadia window
  2. Click the Art Party button again to turn it off
  3. Alternatively, use the command `endparty
This ends the Art Party -- hopefully everyone had fun!
Note: If a lot of players participate in a Live Edit session or an Art Party, or if changes are made very rapidly, players may get disconnected from the game. This is dependent on the players' connection.

Commands List

Displays your Fox Editor with an Art Party button. Stated a second time, this command will also end your Art Party.
`art-party <name>
Initiates Art Party with the named player.
`art-watcher <name>
Initiates Art Party in watch mode with the named player.
`unparty <furrename>
Removes the player from your Art Party.
Ends the Art Party for everyone and yourself.

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