The following is a list of native sapient beings in the Dragonlands. For a list of non-sapient creatures, see the Bestiary. For a list of mythical and rare sapients sometimes found in the Dragonlands, see Mythicals.

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Furres are the main characters and are anthro, bipedal sapients found throughout all three continents in the Dragonlands.


Bugges are a race of anthro, bipedal insects from Drakoria. They are slaves in Drakoria, but some have found refuge and safety in Kasuria.

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Wyrmmes are anthro, bipedal dragons who rule Drakoria. Some of the elite are winged, but most are wingless and lizard-like.

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Ferians are sapient beings that walk on four legs. They were once Werefurres but they lost the ability to return to Furre form and have since become their own group. Ferians live in the world of Furres, but beside Furres, not with them. They live by a set of codes and laws all their own. Many Ferians hope some day to reach The Wylde, a place of safety and bounty. While most Ferians mean no harm, the acts of a few dark ones have led furres to a longstanding fear and distrust of their four-footed neighbors.

See also Night Music, a short tale about a wolf Furre who became a Wolven Ferian.


Werefurres are cursed victims who, under certain conditions, turn into huge, four-legged versions of themselves. They are blind with rage and pain, and are driven to try to murder. Conditions for changing back may include having to kill an animal or a Furre. This is always a curse. Most animal types are were-capable, but notably there are no Were-dragons or Were-bugges.

There are very few tales of the Werefurres, but it is said that some can grow to be three stories tall, capable of walking over and through barns, houses, and castles. Also, Werefurres heal in 1/3 normal time.

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From the caverns below came the Vampyre furres: spawn of mages cursed long ago by the Dark Prime Suffrith for attempting to set Mirmoggin free.

Constantine successfully destroyed the rising scourge of the Vampyre Bandit Lords. With the hearty backing of the Counts and Countesses, it became illegal to inflict vampyrism on a Furre, a law which stands to this day in Kasuria. A number of the Vampfurres fled to the Olde World.

The first Vampfurres were the thirteen rulers and priests who attempted, through a mystical ceremony, to set the Dark Prime Mirmoggin free. For this they were both cursed and blessed by the Dark Primes. Their names are spoken of only in whispers, but they are known to Vampfurres as "The Coven". Popular legends about Kasurian Vampfurres name three of the oldest Karkus, Payne, and Ameliora.

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Demifane are essentially partially-blooded supernatural Furres, including part Lycanthians, part Vampyres, and part Fey. At first, the word Demifane referred only to those with fey blood. Now it includes those of Vampfurre and Lycanthian descent as well. There are also Demifane who are grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Feyfurres.

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They come in lots of different shapes and sizes, but all are united by their innate magical abilities and devotion to nature.

  • Kitterwings were the first Feyfurres in the Dragonlands and are tiny sprites who can transform into a larger version of themselves, among other talents.
  • Elementals came from Kitterwings and vary in appearance based on the elements of the earth, including fire, earth, water, and air.
  • Elvenfurres are the result of Elementals who interbred with mortal Furres, and are essentially half-blooded Fey with traits that make them distinguishable from Furres.
    • Cerdiere are a type of Elvenfurre with antlers and a barebones lifestyle.
  • Finally, Unseelie Faeriefurres are the wilder cousins of Elvenfurres, notorious for their dark acts against society, a result of their higher goal to dismantle anything which disrupts the flow of nature and wilderness.

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