They come in lots of different shapes and sizes, but all are united by their innate magical abilities and devotion to nature.

  • Kitterwings were the first Feyfurres in the Dragonlands and are tiny sprites who can transform into a larger version of themselves, among other talents.
  • Elementals came from Kitterwings and vary in appearance based on the elements of the earth, including fire, earth, water, and air.
  • Elvenfurres are the result of Elementals who interbred with mortal Furres, and are essentially half-blooded Fey with traits that make them distinguishable from Furres.
    • Cerdiere are a type of Elvenfurre with antlers and a barebones lifestyle.
  • Finally, Unseelie Faeriefurres are the wilder cousins of Elvenfurres, notorious for their dark acts against society, a result of their higher goal to dismantle anything which disrupts the flow of nature and wilderness.

The Primes Jujinka and Ahroth are responsible for the existence of all Feyfurres. It is said that the two Primes touched their hands and the sparks that fell upon the seedlings and the tiny stones below were imbued with magical life. For this, the Feyfurres honor Jujinka (whom they call the Green Mother) and Ahroth (whom they call the Bearded Father) above all other Primes.

Feyfurres tend to avoid mortal society because it confuses them, preferring the tranquility of nature. A number of Fey-blood Demifanes (half blooded Fey) from the Olde World eventually emigrated to Kasuria, and became known as the Dahna Shee/Elvenfurres, a race unto themselves.

Most Feyfurres are fluent in their own language, "Glimmerish", in addition to fluency in Kasurian.


These abilities are available to all types of Feyfurres:

Song of Serenity

Use of this ability causes one target to fall into an unnaturally deep sleep. This sleep lasts until one noon and one midnight have passed. If the victim is kissed by someone of royal blood (someone with Pedigree Great House) the spell is broken.

Serenade of Serenity

This is like Song of Serenity except it can be used on up to 5 targets at once.

Table of Contents

Types of Feyfurres

Kitterwing Shee

These tiny, insect-winged Furre sprites are only nine inches tall! The Kitterwing Shee were the very first Feyfurres and many of them lived in Jujinka's realm, the Great Garden. Rather than being born, Kitterwings are magically generated in especially pristine and beautiful beaches, meadows, swamps, waterfalls, mountainsides, etc. They are naturally shy and tend to avoid places with more than 3 non-Feyfurres present.

The Kitterwing Shee are the ancestors of the Elvenfurres. They call themselves The Firstborn because they were a thriving lot long before the Dragonlands were settled by mortals. They appear all over now, but the greatest concentration of them is in the Olde World since Kasuria and Drakoria's Mages tend to take advantage of them and bully them.

Abilities and Disadvantages

Winged Flight

They have multi-sectioned insect wings in both large and small forms, allowing them the ability to flutter away.


Kitterwings may transform into a larger version of themselves that is about a head shorter than the average Furre. It doesn't happen as a transformation, as with Werefurres; rather, it's a sudden change accompanied by a distinct pop sound. They can only do so when out of a complex or stressful situation such as combat.

Nearly Ageless

Kitterwing characters may sometimes be thousands of years old. Visually though, Kitterwings don't grow up; they appear as diminutive full grown adults, and they never change.

Dislike Schooling

They tend not to participate in things like school, apprenticeship at a trade, or doing chores on a farm. Instead, they often prefer to spend time in nature in an unstructured environment. It's a hallmark of their Ilk that they generally dislike being instructed.

The Elementals

If a Kitterwing grows fond of a particular terrain feature, then an Elemental may one day appear there. Elementals are two or three heads shorter than a regular Furre, and due to their short stature, may be mistaken for a child at a large distance. There are four kinds of Elementals, and their physical appearance strongly reflects an affiliation with an element. All Elementals love nature, preferring the outdoors over being indoors.

Types of Elementals

Silfs (Air)

Silfs are extremely rare. They can levitate a few inches off the ground and can move at walking speed, which even allows them to cross lakes.

Undeens (Water)

Undeens can breathe water and swim twice as fast as they walk. Some even have gills, webbed paws, etc.

Salamanths (Fire)

Salamanths cannot be hurt by heat or flame and are famed for their beautiful hair.

Nomes (Earth)

Nomes are the most wildly varying Elementals. They can be portly, wiry, homely, or handsome. Nomes can smell metals the way Furres can smell fruits, allowing them to hide treasure and find it again.



Elementals are immune to damage from falling since they always land on their feet.


This ability is more akin to being inconspicuous, rather than invisible, and it's respectful to not use it in order to dodge combat. During RP, the Camouflaged Elemental can add "HID" (here in disguise) to the end of their name. If there is anybody besides the Elemental present, then they usually will not notice the Elemental unless there's direct interaction.


Elemental normally have some object or location that's special to them because it's where they originated. An Elemental killed at that location can reappear at that location after one sunrise and one sunset.

Elvenfurres / Dahna Shee

Elvenfurres are graceful, slender, magical beings analogous to human elves of real world fantasy literature. These are the offspring of Elementals that interbred with mortal Furres. They are primarily found in Kasuria, although their roots go back to Eriu in the Olde World. They have become numerous enough to have a small kingdom of their own, existing quietly in the forests of County Raideth in Kasuria.

Their distinguishing traits are their profuse hair, large eyes, and prominent, backswept fringed ears. They are often graceful, and usually favor archery or spear fighting over hand-to-hand combat due to their generally petite build. Like other Demifane (half supernatural blooded Furres), they live about twice as long as normal Furres.

Although Elvenfurres range from feeling pro-Furre society to neutral, overall they tend to be shy, preferring to live in the woods and secret hidden cities. They are by far the most numerous of the Feyfurres, but still are not nearly as common as regular Furres. In Malgrave there are perhaps three dozen of them in all. In all the other cities, never more than a dozen. When someone in the Dragonlands says an "Elf" or "Elvenfurre", usually they are referring to the Dahna Shee and not other Fey.



They are mostly ill-suited for close combat; the joints of their long limbs are easily dislocated, their ribs easily shattered.



This power works only on green grass or other living plants. The Dahna Shee can walk across the tops of the plants, not leaving any tracks or scent. They don't even disturb the shimmering morning dew with their passage. (This ability is the opposite of the Vampfurre Evil Way called Ghostpaw.)


Of all the Fey Folk, only Elvenfurres can pass for mortal Furres. To accomplish a mortal guise, the Feyfurre takes fresh flowers and sprinkles the petals over their head. This doesn't change the Feyfurre into a new person, it just makes them look like a mortal version of their usual self. This effect dissipates by the next noon or midnight.


These wilder, more malicious cousins of the Elvenfurres are found in the deeper parts of Kasurian and Olde World forests. In general Feariefurres are united by their contempt for how mortal Furre society has interfered with their lives and nature itself.

Physically, Faeriefurres are no larger than teenage mortal Furres. Most are the size of children but within a certain distance they are unmistakably adultlike. They have big eyes, lots of hair, and large ears. Their paws have one less finger than normal. Unlike the Elvenfurres, their species is hard to discern because they often mix their features to combine both predator and prey creatures.

These dark ilked Feyfurres are usually malignant to the core, honoring each other for spiteful and malicious acts against society. It is customary for Faeriefurres to brag about their actions, and the one who doubts another may even find themself in a bloody duel!

The signature weapon of the Faeriefurres are elfdarts - slender twinned crystals made of refined poison that vanish after they have done their dirty work.

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