Applying for a Second Group

Some things to remember when you're applying for a second group...

Please only apply for a second group if you have enough time. It is generally better to dedicate your time to just one group and contribute to it, instead of spreading yourself too thin. There are no benefits for belonging to two groups.

You can only apply for a second group if you had your first group's badge for at least 90 days (three months). The date that matters is when you received your final badge, not when you gained access to the Beekin Aerie.

You can only be in two groups (either one character in two groups or two characters in one group each). If you wish to drop a group and apply for another one, you must notify the heads of the group that you wish to resign from before you apply for another one. Make sure that your resignation has been processed before applying.

Even though you are already a Beekin, applying for a second group does not give you an advance over furres who apply for the first time. You still must fill out both forms. Do not assume that we still have your answers from the first time you applied for a group.

The heads of the second group that you apply for may check with the heads of the group that you are already part of to see if you have been actively contributing to your current group. Again, please only apply for a second group if you have time.

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