The History of the Dragonlands

The Olde World

For years, Furres lived in the Olde World to the east. They thought that this was the whole world. They didn't have Mages yet. There were no Bugges or Wyrmmes or Mythicals, and the only riding animals were Ostrixes.

In prehistoric times, a few inhabitants of the realms of the Light Primes were allowed to enter the Olde World. Originally servitors of Jujinka, Ahroth, and a few others, these "Elementals" eventually married mortal furre to beget the first kind of Demifane, mortal furres with Fey blood.

The Establishment of Kasuria

Eventually Furres sailed west, away from the coast. They discovered a large, lush island continent, home to enormous flying birds they called Scarhawks, and the arts of falconry grew into Birdmastery. There was a great golden age of chivalry, as the Raptor Knights rose to power. Wars broke out, but in time one lord rose to power. His name was King Constantine the First, and he called his domain Kasuria. He brought peace by ordering the Olde Worlde nobles (the Great Houses) to each ally with the strongest Kasurian forces. The young governors he knighted, and their businesses and families, became the Lesser Houses.

Constantine established the Council in his capital city Malgrave. The King makes the laws but he shares control of the nation with the Counts. The newly-discovered Magical Arts he ordered to be protected.

From the caverns below came the Vampfurres: spawn of mages cursed long ago by the Dark Prime Suffrith for attempting to set Mirmoggin free.

Constantine successfully destroyed the rising scourge of the Vampyre Bandit Lords. With the hearty backing of the Counts and Countesses, it became illegal to inflict vampirism on a Furre, a law which stands to this day in Kasuria. A number of the Vampfurres fled to the Olde World.

Conversely, a number of Fey-bloods from the Olde World emigrated to Kasuria, and became the Elvenfurres, a race unto themselves.

It was during his great-granddaughter's reign, Queen Karena, that the Faerie Furres sent forth an emissary: Sir Destiny, the Fox Knight of Faerie. Sir Destiny revealed the existence of Seelie Court (but not its location). Queen Karena granted protection to the forests of the north-western lands and made the Treaty of Oak with the Faerie Queen Titaniel.

Drakoria: Threat from the West

It was in the reign of Lord Constantine ti'Haala the 8th that the Kasurian skies were first darkened by the wings and sails of the forces of Drakoria. The invaders were scaly and lizard-like, some with wings but most without. The Furres dubbed them Wyrmmes. Arriving on quadrupedal flying dragons and magnificent many-sailed airships, the Wyrmmes raided and plundered the Kasurian cities for food, craft goods, and slaves.

The song-epics of the court of Kasuria tell of many Scarhawk-riders facing the Wyrmmes in aerial combat. The Furres also countered with magic use, but the range of attack was usually too far to be effective. Using longbows (crossbows had not yet been developed), the Wyrmmes were driven back. The Furre casualties were severe. Several northern Counts and Countesses made compacts with Vampfurres, employing them as mercenaries in exchange for safe haven.

One order of Raptor Knights at this time grew into a mighty force, eventually establishing the Principality of Hawkmount near the middle of Kasuria. Their leader, the Prince / Princess of Swords, is responsible to the King of Kasuria alone.

The Mysterious Cold: Some say that Light Prime Viverravus himself brought the change about. Others say that it was a mighty spell worked by the Magi. All that can be said for sure is that the Wyrmme invasion was ended by cold weather that made it very difficult for the reptilians to stay awake. The cold part of Kasuria came to be known as the Highlands, and it is still, for the most part, too cold for Scarhawks, Wyrmmes, or Dragons.

The Age of Seas gave way to the Age of Skies. Brave Furre explorers using captured airships eventually found the rocky lands of Drakoria. After several decades, the first Furre Dracoriders appeared, having learned to tame and raise the beautiful, metallic-colored True Dragon mounts.

A surprising discovery was made less than five years ago: primitive Furre tribes live in Drakoria. Because they were hunted by Wyrmmes for sport or even food, they could not develop the skills for taming Dracosaurs. Instead, the Nomads use the flightless nocturnal and dayblind Nightdrakes for riding and digging underground warrens.

Many primordial monsters roam Drakoria. The furre-eating Leotaurs and Wolventaurs prey upon each other as well. The shape-shifting Lycanthians, Werefurres, have their origin in Drakoria.

The legendary battle between the Wyrmmes called the Ommol Hoonim and the Ommol Vanoor caused a strange condition in Drakoria. All metal implements turn to rust powder within a few days. Because of this, Drakorians do not use metal tools or weapons. This has proved fortunate for the Kasurians, who can defend their lands with crossbows and even ballistas.

Gifts of the Insect People

There came a wave of insect-people, riding in little flying canoes with long outriggers. They had no sails; they rowed through the air with big feathered paddles. They brought with them little miniature dragons, and they earned the friendship of many Furres with gifts of Minidrake eggs. They also shared the secret of making of airships, involving a glue-like stuff produced naturally by their own larvae.

As the Furres learned the Bugge language, a sad tale emerged: the Wyrmmes had enslaved the Bugges, and these were refugees from the west. They also brought a dire warning: the Drakorians were once again gearing up for an invasion!

Mage-power is somewhat hereditary, and the Olde World had no native-born mages until around 1175. Mages for this time in history were born in either Kasuria or Drakoria.

The Second Dreaming

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